Harvest Pillar

A robust brand identity and new website position Harvest Pillar as a durable trellis solution, backed by its creator’s half-century legacy.

  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • Custom Web Integrations
  • UI/UX
  • Graphic Design
Harvest Pillar


Growing Crops + Customers

A trellis isn’t just for backyard décor or wedding photos. When it comes to vineyards, orchards, hop yards, and nut farms, this vertical support structure also helps crops grow cleaner and straighter, which means much easier harvesting. And when those trellises are made from concrete instead of wood or steel — like those from Jensen Precast’s innovative product line, Harvest Pillar — there’s no worry about attracting pests, diseases, or rust. (Concrete also lasts 10 times longer than wood and steel combined.)

To succeed in a competitive market, a superior product also needs superior branding. That’s where we came in. Jensen Precast entrusted Ideas Collide with developing a new brand identity for Harvest Pillar, creating a strong brand presence, and effectively showcasing the product’s benefits to growers of all types.

In other words, we were developing high-level branding from scratch, to make Harvest Pillar a recognizable and trusted name in the industry.

Harvest Pillar Moodboard
Mood board developed for Harvest Pillar’s branding.


It’s All in the H

Logos matter. And we knew that Harvest Pillar’s logo had enormous potential to communicate innovation and establish credibility in a competitive landscape.

To that end, we developed an eye-catching logo that cleverly incorporated the product itself, and helped the brand resonate with diverse audiences. Our design team started by building out a mood board representing Harvest Pillar’s durability and forward-thinking approach, as well as its connection to the agricultural sector.

Colors and typography were carefully considered to evoke trust, reliability, and alignment with farming’s natural elements. The resulting logo — three uppercase H’s overlaid to resemble a row of trellises — visually embodies Harvest Pillar’s name, its values, and its product. This became a key pillar establishing brand presence in the agricultural market.

Harvest Pillar Logos
Harvest Pillar’s new logo uses three uppercase H’s to resemble a row of trellises.

Nick Winter|Senior Art Director
“The goal for the Harvest Pillar logo was to create a simple and minimal mark that would be instantly recognizable as the product symbol, and something that the client could own and be proud of. The idea of a simplified representation of a trellis post system felt like a great direction to take, and the H shape provided the perfect structure to build from. We chose to create a straight-on perspective with the form, so the viewer felt as if they were looking down a row of trellises.”
Nick Winter, Senior Art Director

Harvest Pillar Website
The Harvest Pillar website provides an attractive, informative, and user-friendly experience.


Support in Every Step

While a great logo can grab someone’s attention, an effective website takes the journey a step further, turning that potential customer into an official customer.

Harvest Pillar’s website does exactly that. Our web development and design teams joined forces to build the site, which reflects the brand’s identity and effectively communicates its unique value proposition. On the customer level, the site design provides visitors an attractive, informative, and user-friendly experience. A few key pieces included:

  • Visually engaging elements such as high-quality images showcasing Harvest Pillar in vineyards, orchards, and hop yards.
  • Intuitive navigation helping visitors easily explore the product lineup, watch Harvest Pillar in action, and access essential information.
  • A website optimized for responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

Custom web integrations effectively tie this browsing experience to the brand product, and encourage sales in the process. Our team created a custom cost-savings calculator, helping users quantify the economic benefits of choosing Harvest Pillar over traditional materials. This tool gives the site an interactive dimension that’s also practical, so potential customers can better understand Harvest Pillar’s long-term value.

Collectively, our brand development for Harvest Pillar was a holistic approach. These efforts culminated in a robust and supportive brand solution, including:

  • Strategic brand research
  • A unique selling proposition
  • Cohesive brand visuals + guidelines
  • A user-centric website design with custom integrations
Harvest Pillar Brand Guidelines
The completed brand guidelines for Harvest Pillar.


A Better Way to Trellis

When vine crops have a supportive, reliable, long-lasting framework, they’re set up to flourish. And effective branding supports a business in much the same way.

Harvest Pillar’s brand now stands out with a well-defined identity, supported by a user-friendly website and compelling marketing collateral. 

We positioned the Harvest Pillar trellis system as a durable and efficient solution for growers, backed by Jensen Precast’s half-century legacy of concrete design and manufacturing.

With all these elements now in place, good growth is inevitable.


  • Jensen Precast
Year Completed
  • 2023
  • Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • Custom Web Integrations
  • UI/UX
  • Graphic Design
Project Team
  • Michael Fleming
  • Sarah Fein
  • Emily Cheng
  • Nick Winter
  • Amy Frost
  • Hayley Bunschoten
  • Gery Teague
  • Justin Grady
  • Demetrio Herrera

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