AZ Impact for Good

Uniting two Arizona nonprofits — with a new name, new brand, and new impact — to transform the state’s philanthropy sector for the better.

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Together As One

More than 20,000 nonprofits call Arizona home, with nearly 1,500 philanthropic entities supporting these organizations statewide.  

For years, state grantmakers and nonprofits have collaborated to keep missions moving with much-needed funds. And while both of these industry sectors often function separately, they share a lot of common ground (i.e., what they do, who they serve). In 2022, after years of partnering, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum decided to close the gap between their nonprofit and philanthropic efforts.  

This new union required a strategic and purposeful rebranding — one that would align them under a single name and identity, to establish an enduring presence in the communities they serve. It could strengthen their ability to drive positive change, and elevate Arizona’s nonprofit and philanthropic ecosystem to new heights. 

That’s where we come in. After months of coordination, Ideas Collide joined these purpose-driven leaders to create an innovative, authentic, and impactful new brand. 

Process chart. Discover, Connect, Define, Build + Analyze
Ideas Collide’s phased approach to brand development


Go Far, Go Together

The first step: creating a new brand name. We gathered as much information as we could to uncover exactly what they were all about. But the research didn’t stop there.  

We also attended ongoing board meetings, engaged with board listening sessions, compiled results from discovery questionnaires, and — perhaps the most important — we listened to their members. The results? A more comprehensive understanding of each organization, including keywords associated with their brand, short-term goals, and long-term goals. 

Most associated the two organizations with keywords like “philanthropic,” “service,” “community,” “connection,” and “collaboration.” Team members across the board felt the future of both organizations required creating a unified presence. Board members felt the same.

Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers also saw themselves as a statewide organization, acting as a transformative resource in the nonprofit and grant-maker relationship. Because they wanted a more impactful presence, this new brand image needed to stir up feelings of trust, resilience, and virtue. 

Key words most associated with both organizations from stakeholders


United for Good

After four months of discovery, three months of design, and two months of packaging and unveiling, Ideas Collide created a whole new brand, merging these two organizations into AZ Impact for Good, a nonprofit that connects other nonprofits through education, advocacy, and innovation.  

We then created a video kicking off their new logo, brand, and journey. This was unveiled at the annual Unite conference to all members, staff, and supporters. 

“I knew I wanted to create something that was representative of Arizona and of AZ Impact for Good’s work,” explained Stormy Nesbit, Ideas Collide’s design lead on this project. “The saguaro cactus is often used to showcase this desert region, but I chose the agave instead to showcase the uniqueness of the company. The agave also has many leaves that store water and nurture the plant so it can thrive — similar to how the AZ Impact for Good network allows Arizona’s nonprofit and philanthropy communities to thrive.” 

Results + Takeaways

Embracing the Future

Through trial and error, we created a centralized brand that reflects both organizations’ missions and values in one. With brand-new business cards, an updated letterhead and a suite of social media templates for quick and easy implementation of the new, unified brand, AZ Impact for Good was able to hit the ground running following the annual Unite conference. The new brand is vibrant, it’s rooted in their mission, and it captures the spirit of each while presenting them as a unified force.  

“Our team decided on moving forward with AZ Impact for Good, a name that would allow us to create more impactful collaborations and build an equitable Arizona where all people and living things thrive,” said Maria Mejia, AZ Impact for Good’s Senior Marketing Manager.

“And the new logo shows a true representation of the name, complimenting both the colors of our beautiful state, as well as providing a more modern, updated look that represents a forward-thinking and innovative organization that exists to strengthen both nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.”  

Throughout our time with AZ Impact for Good, we were constantly reminded that change is a good thing. By combining forces for a stronger community presence, AZ Impact for Good can elevate Arizona’s philanthropic efforts beyond what they could achieve as two separate organizations. Change is inevitable, and with it comes fresh perspectives and much needed growth — and sometimes, that’s all we need.

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AZ Impact for Good business suite


  • AZ Impact for Good
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  • Brand Strategy
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Project Team
  • Matthew Clyde
  • Joel Eberhart
  • Vicki Diaz
  • Chelsy Sharkey
  • Stormy Nesbit
  • Amy Frost
  • Whitney Mellis
  • Alexus Washington

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