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Tiger Mountain Trail System in Seattle is the most fun you can have on two wheels.

—Bobby Boland

My 5-month-old baby niece, Carmen!

—Brynne Curran

I’m obsessed with making pesto! I just made 6 jars over the weekend and have an IG page for it! @everythingpesto

—Abby Huntington

A great Friday night Mexican meal is Las Glorias Grill. I love the chicken enchiladas cooked on a skillet.

—Margaret Ann Lippincott

I’ve recently rekindled my love for the award-winning video game Elden Ring, an epic that truly tests a gamer’s patience and skill.

—Ryan Katz

I love taking my golden retriever puppy, Cosmo, on adventures around Texas and watching her curious mind figure out life.

—Kit Kwong (Yun)

“Bandsplain”: Deeeep dives (like, 3 hours plus) into a musician’s entire history and discography. Hilarious host. Super knowledgeable guests. A perfect podcast for long road trips.

—Court Mann

Huel’s my go-to when I’m super busy, keeps me feeling good and fueled up.

—Demetrio Herrera

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