‘IC Gives’ Creates New Murals for Devereux


Elevating 30-year-old murals with a fresh perspective (and paint!).

Eva Fellner
By Eva Fellner
IC Gives creates two new murals for Devereux

Since 2019, Ideas Collide has been a proud partner and supporter of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. As a national organization with an Arizona chapter, Devereux is focused on therapeutic foster care, resident treatment, and overall adolescent health and wellness.

Our agency has provided support in various ways, from attending functions like the annual Double Down for Devereux event to spearheading the “Suitcases of Hope” program. Through this partnership, we support our community and its partners while helping our team serve through our volunteer and give-back program, IC Gives.

With such a rich history already in place, we knew we wanted to do something new this year. And in the summer of 2023, we did just that.

IC Gives + Devereux: A Lasting Partnership

Launching the Suitcases of Hope program, Ideas Collide’s Vice President Joel Eberhart and President Matthew Clyde set an important social media campaign in motion. The program and its social campaign donates new suitcases to the youth entrusted to Devereux’s care — these youth often arrive with nothing more than a disposable plastic bag for their belongings. Every time a group of digital stickers with positive messages was shared to Facebook or Twitter, Ideas Collide pledged to donate a suitcase. As of date, Ideas Collide has donated more than 200 suitcases to Devereux.

Beyond the Suitcases of Hope program, Ideas Collide regularly visits Devereux’s campus. This past April, a handful of team members attended a student program luncheon. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to join Devereux for a fun afternoon, but it also started a new giving opportunity: IC Gives and DEI Lead Vicki Diaz noticed an opportunity to create a little more positivity around campus.

An Idea Is Born
Vicki Diaz|IC Gives Lead
“Upon seeing their campus, I immediately knew I wanted to do something to elevate the space with vibrancy and positivity. Knowing how much they give and dedicate to the community, finding a way to give back — even as small as new paint — I knew would be life-changing to their center and the individuals who live and work there.”
Vicki Diaz

IC Gives mural brainstorming for Devereux.
IC Gives mural brainstorming for Devereux: second mural option
IC Gives mural brainstorming for Devereux: third mural option

Life Is Like a Rainbow

With Devereux’s blessing, the IC Gives team made several on-site visits, strategizing how to best incorporate more color into the campus while sending a positive, powerful message to residents. And after in-person meetings and many Zoom calls, it was settled: Ideas Collide would transform the outdated murals in Devereux’s cafeteria into something more modern, bright, and uplifting for both the residents and staff.

The agency team then revisited the Devereux campus, brainstorming new mural concepts. After assessing the available space and taking measurements, our design team — Kendra Dingley, Jessica Scott, and Syed Deenah — dreamt up several new concepts for both walls in the cafeteria.

You’ve Got This

After a lot of hard work and dedication (and paint) from our team, the IC Gives Devereux mural was finally complete, featuring bright colors, flowers, desert scenery, and most importantly, positive messages for Devereux’s residents, staff, and visitors.

Eye for Design
Kendra Dingley|Senior Designer
“It was such a wonderful experience to design this mural for Devereux. It’s hard to put into words the feelings I felt, but it’s rooted in a deep knowing that this message will be a constant signal to the children and families who Devereux serves, that they have the power to get through whatever circumstances they face.”

IC Gives mural transformation: 'You Got This' mural
IC Gives mural transformation: 'The Best is Yet to Come' mural

The Best Is Yet to Come

Ideas Collide is proud to partner with Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. As an organization that’s committed to serving others, we couldn’t think of a better way to give back than by creating something that all who pass through Devereux can enjoy for years to come.

“I am still beaming over the beauty when we walk into the cafeteria,” shares Michelle Marvin, Devereux Behavioral Health’s director of residential services. “Ideas Collide did the most amazing job! Thank you for making our space so positive and uplifting for the kids and staff to enjoy everyday.”

At Ideas Collide, we have a team of talented leaders and designers who work hard to turn your design dreams into reality. Whether you’re unsure where to start or need some website, logo, or social media refreshment, we can do it all. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about how we can bring your ideas to life.

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