5 Ways to Invest Your Year-End Budget for Long-Term Success

Build a strong foundation for your marketing strategy in the New Year.

Eva Fellner
By Eva Fellner

Fighting tooth and nail to stay within your company’s budget throughout the year — we’ve all been there. But what happens if there’s a little extra as the year ends?

Leftover resources won’t roll over in the new year — it’s a use-it-or-lose-it situation! What’s more, capital put toward your annual marketing budget is often used to determine your overall budget for the following year. With funds to invest, budgets to defend, and improvements to be made, now is an excellent time to use your remaining resources to build a better foundation for next year’s marketing. We’ve got some ideas to help you level up your marketing strategy and confidently start the new year.

Refresh Your Social Strategy

Give your social media a facelift with a new and improved social presence. With a team of seasoned professionals in the social space, your refreshed social presence will give you the visibility your brand needs to increase awareness, promote engagement, and create a loyal following. In fact, 68% of consumers follow brands for product awareness, testimonials, and more, while 92% of business leaders notice social’s positive impact on competitive positioning. The bottom line: If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on potential revenue.

With clients like Paul Mitchell Schools, Fresh Cravings, Best Western, and more, we know what it takes to captivate and retain new and old audiences.

Level-Up Your SEO

Notoriously undervalued by brands and businesses, many need to recognize the power of search engine optimization (SEO) in their marketing strategy. Optimized SEO has the ability to raise brand trust, initiates audience expansion, demonstrates authority, and distinguishes you from competitors. SEO is the key to successful marketing — and while brands continue to neglect it, competitors are rising through the ranks, winning over leads and creating repeat customers. Boost your rank online, attract more attention to your brand, and position yourself for success in the new year with SEO that’s guaranteed to attract.

Boost Your Branding

Give your branding a much-needed makeover with comprehensive brand and culture solutions. Not convinced you need to invest in a strong, centralized brand? Research shows businesses that don’t have a solid brand find it challenging to attract and retain customers. They’ll need to invest more resources in campaigns, will struggle to convey their bottom line, and, above all, won’t come to the top of customers’ minds regarding purchasing decisions.

A strong brand identity equals even stronger support. Whether it’s brand identity design, mission crafting, strategy, or brand launches, we’re no stranger to the power of great branding.

Strategic Decision-Making

Creating resonant campaigns begins with data-driven decisions, yet many businesses still need help achieving results when executing campaigns. The sea of data you’re collecting often becomes overwhelming, and many don’t know where to look when it’s time to connect the dots.

At Ideas Collide, we know how to streamline data collection for tangible results. Invest in your brand’s long-term health by looking at the facts — the data — for more effective outcomes next year.

Invest Your Year-End Budget

The new year brings reflection, gratitude, and new beginnings, so don’t let valuable resources go to waste. Invest in your future with one of Arizona’s best full-service marketing agencies: Ideas Collide.

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