Rebecca Clyde

Co-Founder, Partner & Strategic Advisor

Rebecca Clyde is the co-founder of Ideas Collide, leading the agency’s technology industry practice and marketing automation specialization. Rebecca is a future thinking, goal-oriented and globally-minded marketing leader who drives business growth through creative and innovative communication strategies. She espouses a leadership philosophy focused on self-managed teams, striving to create a work environment built around autonomy, mastery and purpose. Prior to founding Ideas Collide, Rebecca was responsible for managing Intel’s embedded brand. During her time at Intel, she launched more than 50 Intel products in every geography, managed campaigns across multiple media channels and developed a public relations program that garnered unprecedented media coverage for Intel’s embedded products and technologies. Rebecca was awarded the 2016 Athena Award by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Rebecca has also been recognized on the “35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger” list published by The Arizona Republic and is a recipient of Arizona Governor’s Mentorship Award and Big Sister of the Year recognition from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. A native Spanish speaker, Rebecca was born in Costa Rica and spent her formative years in Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. She holds an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and a B.A. in communications from Brigham Young University.

Rebecca’s Profile

COORDINATES Currently: Latitude: 09°55’N Longitude: 84°02’W, Prior: Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay
EDUCATION / TRAINING MBA , Arizona State University
HIDDEN TALENT I make killer crepes…
GUILTY PLEASURE 80% dark Valrhona
MOST LIKELY TO BE SEEN On a conference call
MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME “Use a coupon.”
PAST LIVES / EARNED MY STRIPES Intel, Brodeur Porter Novelli, Franklin Covey
CHILDHOOD AMBITION Ballerina (15 years of ballet training)
RETREAT The beach
GEAR Rebecca Minkoff
SUPERHERO POWER Ultimate flexibility…like Elastigirl
PROUDEST MOMENT (CAREER) Celebrating 10 years for Ideas Collide
PROUDEST MOMENT (PERSONAL) Anytime my kids give each other a hug
ALARM CLOCK 5:30 am spin class
IN THE EIGHTIES I survived a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Santiago, Chile


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