Empowering Innovation with Strong Support for Startups

Vicki Ferguson

By Vicki Ferguson

Every brand has a story.

It shapes your purpose, aids your service impact, and allows you to build a strong connection with the community you serve. Undeniably, it is at the core of every start-up company.

For 17 years, Ideas Collide has been a part of the start-up community even as we have outgrown those parameters ourselves. Why? We know the importance and value of what fresh ideas can build and what the entrepreneurship spirit can do for communities.

‘Innovation with impact’ is a key component of our service model. We are continuously mastering new technologies to expand revenue streams and opportunities for growth. From campaign conceptualization to brand + product management to data attribution + analysis – our suite of services is rooted in building and elevating brands to meet their goals and potential.

Though you’ll see names of major corporations within our partnerships and clientele, many of our relationships are with brands that have local Arizona roots, which we have helped grow and excel in their market.

Here are some of the many start-ups we have aided in their journey and remain strong partners with today:


An instant connection is key for consumers when interacting with a brand. Receiving timely information and answers to their questions can decide whether they purchase, invest, or connect. In 2016, Botco.ai founders saw the gap for a modernized solution that would provide 24/7, on-demand availability and enable meaningful conversations between businesses and customers. Ideas Collide aided Botco’s growth from inception to building a brand identity with impactful design and messaging to awareness with thoughtful media strategy and planning.

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Danzeisen Dairy

Since the1960s, Danzeisen Dairy has perfected its craft – producing delicious, fresh milk. And in 2014, after decades of serving up quality directly to corporations, they sought to change their legacy with one where they got to tell their story. A beautiful partnership between Ideas Collide and Danzeisen Dairy was born. In search of diversifying and growing its business model, Ideas Collide became the local family-operated business’ full-service marketing partner. Taking a holistic approach to meet these goals, we built a comprehensive brand identity, developed a plan to secure store placement, and executed an innovative digital content strategy. These efforts launched the business into a new realm of brand awareness, media presence, and direct visibility in stores across the valley.

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Leading the integration of behavioral health services in modern primary care, evolvedMD puts complete patient care at the forefront to build a better integration strategy of behavioral health for improved patient outcomes. Since 2020, Ideas Collide has worked exclusively with evolvedMD. We built and developed their strategic messaging framework for maximum impact to support their mission and aid their growth as a behavioral health company. This partnership has grown beyond the client-agency dynamic and has evolved into powerful and impactful experiences within the community.

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Local First Arizona

Think local. Buy local. Be local. These are the powerful words you’ll see on the Local First Arizona website. The non-profit organization is committed to community and economic development for the state of Arizona. Ideas Collide stepped up to collaborate and lead this exciting venture when the organization was looking to put these words to action. Ideas Collide developed the user experience and interface for the Shop Local First identity while keeping the Local First Arizona brand intact. Building upon the goal of supporting local economic growth, the Shop Local First Marketplace was launched to help small businesses from all industries reach greater visibility with new customers and partners.

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