Protect Brand Reputation in Data Breaches

Keep your brand’s reputation intact in this world of data breaches.

Ideas Collide
By Ideas Collide

In a world of credit card fraud and shared information, consumers are becoming increasingly cautious of insincere and manipulative advertisements. Businesses are now fighting to close the trust gap and rebuild consumer trust.

Consumer trust is vital to any company’s bottom line. Consumers are looking for a company’s integrity to be incorporated into the shopping process from beginning to end. Not just this, but trust increases positive shopping behaviors such as frequency, conversion and preference.

Rebuilding consumer trust can be as easy as the ABC’s.

1. Authenticity

Incorporate authenticity into each aspect of your business – be it social media, email campaigns or even customer service chat tools. By doing so, you are increasing the value of each customer touchpoint. When you create a more beneficial experience for the user, it keeps them coming back again and again.

2. Build Personal Relationships

Break down corporate walls with sincere, meaningful conversation. Show how you are using and storing their information. You can count on customers being there for you when they know you have their best interest in mind.

3. Create Consistency

Strive to deliver the same user experience every time a customer walks into your store or visits your website. By developing a consistent history, your customer will put their trust into you that each touchpoint they have with your company will be identical.

4. Document Success

Utilize customer testimonials, feedback and reviews to show you are trustworthy and care about what your customers have to say. Tangible evidence from 3rdparties creates credibility and works to ease any worried minds.

5. Everyone Likes Honesty

It is human to be imperfect. There’s an argument to be made that anyone who promotes being 100% perfect is just the opposite. Admitting your flaws, displaying an active effort to improve and being transparent about your business practices shows that you care.

Cultivating a culture of trust and positivity is a daily effort that requires constant attention and strategy. Our experienced team will help you create a trustworthy voice and engage with your customers to develop long term relationships. Where trust is found, consumers tend to return, often bringing their friends with them.