Supercharging Social: Leveraging Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest unlocks social aspiration for brands and consumers. Discover the power of leveraging marketing on Pinterest to supercharge your social media efforts.

Vicki Diaz
By Vicki Diaz

Unlike other platforms that are based on social gratification, Pinterest is all about social aspiration, including what that can do for brands and consumers.

The social media platform started out as image-based but has since evolved to host videos and stories, support e-commerce opportunities, and elevate the creator and brand relationship.

And it’s only growing from there.

In its second annual Pinterest Presents Global Advertiser Summit the social media platform unveiled several new products, what trends they predict, and how they will continue supporting the creator and brand relationships.

In 2022, Pinterest demands more consideration and attention from digital marketers than ever before. Let’s dive into how Pinterest plays a vital role in a successful marketing strategy and one of the great opportunities to super charge your social content:

Why Pinterest

Helping brands increase awareness, drive traffic, and convert browsers to shoppers –Pinterest is a place where discovery turns into shopping moments as most users on the platform go there with a ready-to-shop mentality.

It’s become a search engine as users use the platform to seek and save ideas or get inspiration for all aspects of their life; home, fashion, recipes, and much more.

In fact, Pinterest posts have a longer lifespan – 4 months to 6 months – compared to other platforms.

Pinterest measures itself on a different form of ROI –“return on inspiration” – and by doing so, it crafts an experience that taps into the right message, the right person at the right time. And that is only the beginning.

Pinterest Trends Don’t Look Back; They Look Forward.

“Across the industry, most trend reporting looks at what has trended or what is already trending,” said Milka Kramer, Country Manager (UK & Ireland). “People use Pinterest to plan for the future, so we know what’s next. Pinterest trends are uniquely predictive.”

People use the platform to search, pin, and explore what they envision for their future, and because of this, throughout the last two years, eight out of 10 Pinterest predictions have come true. A Black Swan Data & Pinterest Trend Exploration report showed that Pinterest trends started earlier than trends on other platforms and grew faster and lasted longer.

As a brand, having this information allows you to own these upcoming trends and develop more opportunities to make an impact.

With the Pinterest Trends Tool’s newest features, brands can begin tracking trends globally as they change and evolve, see searches in real-time, and organize these details based on their target audience.
With these insights, you can build more relevant campaigns that resonate with your audience and adjust your media, creative, and merchandise based on trends.

Some of the 2022 trends Pinterest predicts:

  • Dopamine Dressing
    Out with athleisure wear and in are vibrant outfits and colorful palettes. This year is all about dressing loud and embracing fashion that makes you feel good.
  • Oh My Goth
    A goth renaissance is making its way to mainstream. From goth business casual, goth baby clothes to goth kitchen décor, a “gothassaince” is on its way.
  • Altbashes
    Any reason is a good reason for a party. People want to celebrate moments that mark new milestones and open new chapters–from divorce parties, dog birthdays, and empty nests.

Check out the complete list of 2022 Pinterest predicted trends.

Craft a More Enriching E-commerce Experience

“Shopping on Pinterest is different,” says Julie Towns, Global Head of Ads Product Marketing. “Way before shoppers even have the words for what they are looking for, on Pinterest, they know it when they see it.”

Did you know that shoppers on Pinterest spend and buy more than shoppers on competitive platforms? Additionally, they check out more items, have 85% bigger baskets, and have a higher total order value.

They are also open to new brands and more loyal when they find a brand they love.

Pinterest is helping brands find more ways to connect with their audience and help them make that decision to purchase.

  • Your Shop
    Imagine walking into a shop where every item and brand is 100% you. Welcome to Your Shop. In a similar fashion to a personal shopping concierge, this new feature is powered by a taste-driven algorithm that provides a customized shopping experience for consumers. Their shop will feature brands and products based on their activity and preferences. In Beta in the U.S., Pinterest plans to roll out later this year with more countries to follow.
  • Merchant Details
    Today, consumers look for more than what a brand sells, but what it stands for and how it aligns with their values. “Gen Z, for example, is willing to spend 60% more for an eco-friendly product,” states Towns. “We found that brands with Merchant Detail are 16% more likely to make a sale than brands without.” The new Merchant Details updates allow brands to show and share their values within their profile and receive badges to represent their communities, such as black-owned, Asian Pacific Islander-Owned, etc. These updates allow your brand to share what you stand for while standing out. You must be a verified merchant to use this feature.
  • Checkout
    Focusing on the see it, love it, buy it motto, this new tool allows shoppers to complete their transactions without leaving the platform or your ad. The new checkout feature makes it easier for shoppers to buy from brands while already engaging with your content on Pinterest. The Checkout feature is in beta in the U.S. and will expand later this year.
  • Pinterest API for Shopping
    “With this new shopping solution, now in beta,” Town begins, “retailers can scale their shopper catalogs and make sure the information about their products is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.” When something goes on sale, is discontinued, or out of stock –that information is automatically updated on Pinterest.

Build Deeper Relationships Between Your Brand + Creators

The creator and brand relationship has evolved from two separate entities to a united partnership. Brand stories have found a new way to be told and connect with their audiences through trusted relationships with creators.

Pinterest is helping brands and creators find one another that is both relevant and positive.

  • Idea Pins & Idea Ads
    A rollout from last year, this multi-page video format is a place for creators to share their ideas and engage with communities. “People that engage with Idea Pins have a higher purchase conversion rate than any other surface,” shares Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer. “They are 90% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in Idea Pins.” Now, brands and creators can connect on partnership opportunities. Creators can now add brand and product tagging to their content, which automatically gets shared with the creator’s audience when approved by the brand. And if you are looking for more reach? You can promote it as an Idea Ad with a paid partnership.
  • Watch Tab
    All this content can be found on the Watch Tab, the home base for all native content on Pinterest. Giving both creators and brands an immersive place for great ideas and collaboration.

If you missed the 2022 Pinterest Predicts Global Ad Summit, you can find it here.

Now that you know what is coming up for businesses on Pinterest, how do you plan to use it to reach your audience, tell your story, and share your brand? Ideas Collide offers a full suite of services, including social media and digital marketing management, to help you take your brand to the next level. Ready to begin? Connect with us.

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