Connecting Through Content Marketing: Strategies for Effective Engagement

Content is everywhere. What makes yours different?

Qwynn Massie
By Qwynn Massie

In the marketing world, content is the ultimate currency. The more quality content a brand generates, the more power it holds at impacting consumer trust and engagement. However, just like the age-old saying “money doesn’t buy happiness,” the same principle applies to content marketing: Merely generating and pushing content doesn’t guarantee leads. It requires deliberate strategy at every stage of the marketing funnel. Failure to do so may result in brands inadvertently harming rather than helping themselves long term.

What is Content Marketing?

In today’s digital age where content is everywhere, content marketing stands out as a strategic approach that elevates this abundant content. Content marketing utilizes generated assets such as graphics, blogs, videos, etc. to establish and foster a relationship with a set target audience. These relationships are pivotal for brands, serving as the cornerstone for building trust, loyalty, and long-term customer engagement.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Consumers tend to gravitate toward brands with which they feel connected. Sprout Social reveals that more than half of consumers (57%) will increase their spending with these resonant brands — and a staggering 76% prefer them over competitors.

Consider your personal choices: Do you consistently reach for a particular cereal during grocery runs? Does your spouse unfailingly bring home the same trusted paper towels? Such habits reflect trust and reliability established through consistent brand experiences. For those yet to develop brand loyalty, content marketing bridges the gap by fostering trust and familiarity. As individuals engage with a brand’s content, their inclination toward future purchases from that brand grows. Through content marketing, brands not only cultivate trust and increase leads, but also…

  • Elevate Brand AwarenessWhile conversions may be a top priority, recognize that your audience can only transition into paying customers if they clearly understand your brand identity and what it offers. Content marketing is a beacon guiding potential customers to your brand, illuminating its unique value proposition, and fostering connections that lead to increased spending.
  • Boost Brand Recognition The goal of any brand is to attain top-of-mind placement among its consumers, ensuring that when they’re ready to make a purchase, they remember your brand first. By consistently seeing and engaging with your brand’s content, consumers develop a familiarity that cements your position as a trusted choice amid a sea of competitors.
  • Heighten Perceived Expertise— In generating informational content, your brand can be an authority leader within the industry. By sharing valuable insights, best practices, and thought leadership, your brand educates its audience and establishes itself as a go-to resource.

Do’s + Don’ts of Content Marketing

While maintaining a consistent stream of content is essential for building relationships, it’s equally critical to stay aligned with the content strategy’s original purpose. When executed effectively, content marketing can yield numerous benefits for brands. Veering off course, however, and publishing shabby content haphazardly can decrease trust and engagement. To mitigate these risks, remain focused and employ best practices. Here’s a curated list of content marketing do’s and don’ts to reference when developing your next strategy.

Do … 

  • Have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and which forms of content suits them best (ex: TikTok videos probably won’t resonate as effectively with consumers over age 35) 
  • Remember to prioritize SEO. Including the right keywords in your content will attract more traffic, so it is crucial to utilize plain language and relevant verbiage that consumers can easily find when looking for solutions your brand can help them solve. 
  • Ensure the quality of your content is something you’re proud of. Consumers judge brands based off of initial interactions. When it comes to pushing content, make sure it is high quality to show that your brand excels in every aspect of your business. Remember, quality over quantity. 
  • Include a CTA in all posts to guide your audience on what they should do next, whether it be following link, visiting your website, making a purchase, or engaging with your content further through likes and shares. 

Don’t … 

  • Post so much that your audience gets sick and tired of seeing your brand. Posting too often will make your consumers feel as though they’re getting spammed, which decreases their trust and loyalty in your brand. 
  • Feel like you have to push content on every channel out there. Not only will you overload yourself with a bunch of work, but it won’t provide any extra benefits in doing this. You know your audience best, so choose the top three or four channels they frequent most often and start there. 
  • Forget to analyze and adjust. Every single piece of content you create is not going to be a homerun with your audience, and that’s OK. Review and evaluate the content that is receiving the most engagement and attention from your consumers and continue to post similar content while omitting those that are not quite hitting the mark. 
  • Underestimate the power of user-generated content. When your audience sees other real-life examples from consumers like themselves, they’re more inclined to consider your brand. According to Social Media Today, 79% of people globally say user-generated content greatly influences their purchasing decisions. 

The secret to great content marketing lies not just in creation but in connection. Brands that understand their audience and deliver content of genuine value cultivate relationships that endure. Flashy words and bright colors only last for so long — consumers soon see through these gimmicks and revert to brands they feel have their best interests in mind.

If there’s one big thing to remember, it’s this: Much like a trusted friend resonates far more than someone who seeks only personal gain through superficiality, the same holds true for brands and their consumers.


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