5 Ways Your Brand Can Utilize the IC Streaming Trailer

IC Streaming

Utilize the IC Streaming trailer for all your content creation needs.

Vicki Diaz
By Vicki Diaz

An extension of our office, the IC Streaming trailer is a mighty small studio where ideas make impact, content is created and stories are streamed.

But that is just half of its capabilities.

Over the last few years, our team worked hard to turn a vintage 1956 Spartanette trailer into something amazing. And they did just that. Parked on-site at the Pemberton PHX in Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row neighborhood, this space is a place to connect team members, collaborate with each other and be a part of the revitalization and reimagination of Phoenix.

Here are 5 ways you can use the IC Streaming trailer:

Brainstorming + Collaboration

Brainstorming via Teams is excellent for employee flexibility and convivence but having the opportunity – and space – to gather for in-person collaboration hits a little different. The IC Streaming trailer is perfect for small team discussions and working sessions. The space has optimal seating and essential amenities – hello, air conditioning! – and built for creativity. With design and artwork found among the décor, wallpaper, and carpet, once you walk into the trailer, you’ll immediately feel the excitement and endless possibilities that will stream from your conversations.

Whether it’s your next campaign, brand identity or new service offering, this space is made for inspiration. We can help you conceptualize your ideas into thoughtful campaigns and ensure it aligns with your brand identity.

Video Filming

Lights, camera, action!

Not only is the IC Streaming trailer perfect for collaboration, but it’s a premier spot to film. Our space adds color, uniqueness and instant creativity to your content to help enhance your brand and delight your audience. And we know just how essential video content is, from the rise and growing demand for short-form videos, TikToks and IG Reels.

Have a blue-sky idea for your video and don’t know where to start? Our video production team is here and ready to help you storyboard and bring your vision to life.

Podcast Recording

Like we say, if you can “dream it, stream it.”

Not only is our IC Streaming trailer equipped to film your podcast recordings, but also to record them! Sit around the trailers round table and let the ambiance and energy of the room help lead your discussions. Our space is intimate and welcoming, which helps flourish and nurture creativity and provides the ideal space for those personal and vulnerable podcast conversations.

But before you can dive into podcast recording, it’s important to have a strategy in place. When you are ready to take your podcast to the next level, our Dream “Stream” Team is ready to help.


Vibrant, spacious, artistic and unique are some ways we describe the IC Streaming trailer. Have an influencer campaign to shoot or need new headshots for the team? Our trailer is the perfect backdrop for your photos with endless possibilities of what you can shoot. Give your brand – and team – the perfect setting that will immediately give you shareable and ‘like’ worthy images.

Focus on striking a pose, and let our team handle the rest! Our multimedia team knows a thing or two about taking the perfect image.

Host An Event

Located at the Pemberton PHX, our IC Streaming trailer is located at one of the hottest venue spots in the Valley!

Host a board event or an employee mixer and give your guests something to talk about when you welcome them to the IC Streaming trailer. Always a conversation starter, our trailer is in a private area of the Pemberton where you will still feel a part of the energy the Pemberton is known for but have your own space for that intimate feel.

Not sure where to begin? Our team can help you create and manage your event.

These 5 opportunities are just the beginning of the IC Streaming trailer’s potential. Let us help you create something meaningful, impactful and on brand.

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