Today Marks 17 Years of Business at Ideas Collide

By Matthew Clyde

As we reflect back, we stand in awe of the market changes in our industry and milestone launches that have taken place at the time of our incubation, launch and course of our company history:

2003 – LinkedIn
2004 – Facebook
2005 – YouTube
2006 – Amazon Prime Video
2007 – Apple’s iPhone
2010 – Instagram
2012 – Netflix Binge Streaming
2016 – TikTok

March 1, 2005. Ideas Collide.

With 17 years behind us, we look back on our impact. Over those 17 years, the entire landscape of marketing and work has shifted, evolved and pivoted 100x over. Major players in the global marketplace have transformed how we connect, work, and live. Amid that change, major brand and marketing evolutions – we believe we have stayed ahead, on the forefront of change and innovation based on our core purpose: our commitment to giving. Giving more to our team, customers and community and an experience and product never before seen coming out of the Southwest.

And our future is even more impressive as we remain committed to the purpose that launched Ideas Collide, the purpose of giving: giving first to our team, in turn giving to our client partners and in full return giving back to the communities we operate in and serve. We know we wouldn’t be here without our committed team and wonderful client partners. We also know we can’t continue to elevate amid constant change, disruption, and market challenge without strong, aligned, and authentic partnerships moving forward.

For valued customers like you, we wanted to take the time to give you an overview of our journey and how we hope to continue to grow and scale impact, together. Starting as an idea conceptualized in my home office to a top-tier marketing firm that serves clients regionally, nationally, and globally from the vibrant metropolitans of Phoenix and Portland, we are both thankful for your continued support and honored to help your brand realize true ambition.

The Ideas Collide Purpose Now + Always

Years in the making, the concept for Ideas Collide was created from the perfect combustion of corporate expertise and creative insight. With a storied background rooted in the epicenters of industry, I, as a founder, gleaned some hard-earned best practices, the pros, cons, and bold new ways of thinking to lead a business and team. At the start of this “idea”, we mapped out a definitive blueprint plan of Ideas Collide that we promised was unique and inspiring – a bold manifesto of our vision for work.

Our Work Mantra

We Are All Creative
We All Rise
We Work with Absence of Ego
We Collaborate and Embrace Challenges with a Growth Mindset
We Believe All Things Are Possible
We Give More + Never Give Up
We Give with Meaningful Impact

Amid constant change and challenges over the last few years, we haven’t lost sight of this vision and purpose. It’s important now more than ever to commit to that and to ensure our client-partners are in lockstep toward this important work approach. Given the new reality of the world and a change in focus, priorities, and how we have done business the last two decades – running at the pace with the demand, has not only been difficult but also untenable.

With the new reality, we are shifting Ideas Collide from a business to business (B2B) firm to a business for business (B4B) agency, inviting partnership and collaboration with clients that can only thrive with a new vision rooted in mutually-aligned mission-driven work, transparency, and accountability:

Elevating the Work-Client Partnership

We Are All Diverse and Inclusive Collaborators
We Are All Humans Working Towards Common Goals
We Are Your Partners + Want to Be Seen and Respected as Collaborators
We Choose Being Curious to Find the Right Best Practice Over Just Being Right
We Focus on Learning + Leading with a Growth Mindset
We Aim to Work Against Challenging Marketplace Dynamics + Vow to Go the Distance
We Will Go the Distance to Prove That Impossible is Inexcusable
We Are Relentless in Every Opportunity + It Comes with Drive, Commitment
We Require Recovery + Pace to Keep Meeting the Demand of The Race
We Deliver Our Best + When You Bring Your Best

Most of our largest clients have been part of our business directly or indirectly for over 10 years with our core clients on our roster for all 17 years – a testament to our work ethic and drive, a continued call for true partnership.

True partnership and working with each client – whether they have worked with us since inception or are just starting to join our portfolio is the essential ingredient to make our mantra “invent, integrate, impact” work. In this new era of work – virtual, hybrid and otherwise – we are implementing more for us to deliver to the “team love” promise we set as a founding purpose and vision.

Giving + Showing Team Love

To meet client needs while also ensuring sustainability and culture elevation, we are also committing to the following with our team at Ideas Collide:

  • Wellness days designed to drive recovery and creativity.
  • Focused prep and planning time set every Monday agency-wide to allow the team to be more strategic with client time.
  • Emphasis on intellectual curiosity and dedicated time for continuous learning with dedicated discovery time for our team weekly to further stretch and grow their innovative thinking and curiosity.
  • Investment in wellness and professional development.
  • Community impact days and dedicated weekly volunteer time aligned with local community needs.

For our clients, we are asking for respect, trust, and focus with forthcoming conversations on what those tenants look like in practice with each customer. We believe that quality, care, and direction should come from all stakeholders both on the client and agency side and meet high-performance.

More exciting than ever, we are excited to capitalize upon the blueprint that started and evolved over the last 17 years in collaboration with key stakeholders deeply invested in our success.

IC Next Chapter – Customized Marketing Services

2022 is taking off with a focus on innovation – seeing and seeking opportunities as we reimagine the future of marketing. As we embark on this new year and our 17th year of business, we embrace revitalizing our team, client work, and pathways to success, including exciting new products. IC Streaming services for content creation (podcast production and other content development opportunities) is our most exciting new endeavor – look for other fun and impactful initiatives in the near term.

The next chapter also includes continuing to build on the path of creative and business intelligence working collectively, in harmony and in balance. The IC Marketing IQ brings a Consumer Intelligence Engine to better inform quantifiable data and strategic business decisions around your campaigns and programs including:

  • Visualizing your data + Informing your intuition
  • More automated, custom marketing solutions that require sophisticated innovation to build with investment allow you to easily see all the data and marketing performance
  • Building A.I. driven conversational marketing platforms that enable meaningful and intelligent conversations between businesses and their customers – from our partner company

In times of great change, we are excited for how we are adapting and elevating.

And, we’re excited for you to join us in the next stage of this journey. We’re even more excited to share in future updates more of our giving and community plans for the year ahead to back our purpose of giving.

I asked a few key mentors and client-partners to be part of this content and commitment to building a stronger, more connected and purpose-driven approach to work—we hope you join us in the commitment and ongoing conversation today and going forward.

To connect with me on this commitment or to continue your partnership and support – whether a prospect, new client or long standing partner – reach out to me directly via email