Verra Mobility

A vibrant video for a global leader in smart mobility technology takes center stage at the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square.

  • Event Strategy
  • Design
  • Video + Multimedia
  • Copywriting


Verra Mobility, a global leader in smart mobility technology, approached Ideas Collide with the challenge of repositioning themselves within their investor community and introducing their new parking division at the 2022 Investor Day in New York.

The task at hand was to create a compelling event experience that effectively showcased Verra Mobility’s corporate business units and established them as a prominent player in the smart mobility industry.

Verra Mobility GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS video.
Verra Mobility PARKING SOLUTIONS video.
Verra Mobility COMMERCIAL SERVICES video.


In close collaboration with Verra Mobility, we crafted a strategy to amplify the company’s presence at Investor Day. Our first step was to deeply understand their business and objectives. We conducted in-depth discussions with the client and gained insights into their three business units: Commercial Services, Government Solutions, and Parking Solutions. With this knowledge, we worked hand in hand with Verra Mobility to craft a series of three videos that provided clear and concise explanations of each business unit. Collaborating closely with their team, we crafted the script, flow, and language to ensure effective communication. To bring the videos to life, we created detailed storyboards and selected voiceover and music before moving into video production.

To complement the videos, we worked closely with Verra Mobility’s team to create a range of impactful event collateral. This included executive summary handouts, which succinctly presented key metrics and company overview information, as well as animated digital signage strategically placed throughout the event space at NASDAQ’s offices in New York. Furthermore, the team leveraged the iconic NASDAQ Tower in Times Square, projecting animated graphics that showcased Verra Mobility’s brand and visually immersed attendees and passers-by in the company’s innovative vision.

Cafe Signage
Verra Mobility Logo


Our collaboration with Verra Mobility culminated in a highly successful Investor Day at NASDAQ. Our cohesive event strategy positioned Verra Mobility as a global leader in smart mobility, deepening the investor community’s understanding of the company’s services and market reach. Engaging videos, informative handouts, and dynamic animated signage showcased Verra Mobility’s expertise and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Our work with Verra Mobility contributed to raising the company’s profile and solidifying their reputation as an industry frontrunner. By simplifying the messaging and positioning Verra Mobility as a thought leader in the ever-evolving transportation space, Ideas Collide ensured that the corporate business units were effectively communicated, creating a compelling event experience.

Executive Summary
Client Kudos:
Eric Krantz|Director, Corporate Marketing
“Please pass along our sincere gratitude to the creative team that cranked out the NASDAQ Tower artwork over the weekend. We loved seeing our brand in the middle of Times Square while on our way to the investor day presentation.”


  • Verra Mobility
Year Completed
  • 2022
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Event Strategy
  • Design
  • Video + Multimedia
  • Copywriting
Project Team
  • Joel Eberhart
  • Christine Patton
  • Aaron Vance
  • James West
  • Kendra Dingley
  • Ryan Lowry
  • Mason Byrne
  • Alexus Washington
  • Woodshack Creative

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