Danzeisen Dairy

Fueling Danzeisen Dairy’s success with a comprehensive strategic marketing plan and an udderly unique brand identity.

A behind-the-scenes look at how the Danzeisen Dairy brand went from ideation to execution to impact.


Got Brand? Crafting Danzeisen’s Unique Milk Identity

Milk and cookies are a duo that stands the test of time. But milk and marketing? Sometimes, that duo requires reinvention. 

Danzeisen Dairy, a family-operated dairy farm in Laveen, Arizona, embraced the challenge and partnered with Ideas Collide in 2014 to diversify and expand their business model. Their ultimate goal? Selling milk under their very own label. 

As Danzeisen’s full-service marketing partner, we embraced introducing this new product to the market — and we went above and beyond. This meant delving into market research, constructing a distinctive brand identity, formulating a strategic store placement plan, and executing a sound digital content strategy. Here’s how we did it. 


Behind the Barn Doors

Danzeisen Dairy has been a vital part of the local dairy cooperative since the 1960s. That’s a lot of important history, so getting their full story right was paramount. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the farm’s operations, product line, and ethos, our team conducted extensive research, which included the following: 

  • Organizing thorough background meetings 
  • Facilitating numerous consumer focus groups 
  • Holding in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. 

As we explored the heart of Danzeisen Dairy, some exciting discoveries unfolded. And these shaped key messages guiding their new brand’s formation. Key messages highlighted a few important facets: the Danzeisen family’s commitment to ensuring their cows’ well-being, their conviction that healthy cows produce superior milk, the advantages of glass bottling, and the farm’s dedication to community involvement. 

Danzeisen Dairy's "Local" Bottles being filled with milk on the production line.


Making the Magic

Good strategy comes from good research. And Ideas Collide harnessed this research’s insights to craft a suite of marketing assets and accompanying marketing strategy. 

Clean, straightforward design became a uniting force. And among an array of newly created assets, one major standout was memorable new glass bottles. 

The new bottle design was crafted to showcase Danzeisen Dairy’s fresh, locally produced milk. Using glass, coupled with a logo that’s printed directly on the bottle, eliminated obstructive labels and made the product the true star of the show. This also promoted the bottles’ reusability, accentuating the company’s efforts to be environmentally friendly.  

(Playful tags attached to specialty flavors — including Arizona Orange, Mocha, and seasonal delights like Eggnog — enhanced the charm.) 

While the bottle redesign took center stage, our efforts went far beyond that. 

Ideas Collide also meticulously planned, staged, shot, and edited new photography, which was displayed on Danzeisen Dairy’s website and social channels. This work produced a consistent, creative look and feel that seamlessly aligned with the brand. Accompanying videos, animations, and motion graphics took the storytelling even further, enhancing customer engagement. 

  • Danzeisen Dairy Bottles: Strawberry, Chocolate, Mocha, Seasonal Delights
  • Danzeisen Dairy's social media Facebook Business Page
  • Danzeisen Dairy's social media Instagram Feed

Our branded social media graphics and posts, meanwhile, inspired a passionate community of brand advocates and became a central hub for customer service inquiries and product announcements. 

Through community partnerships with beloved local organizations and celebrities, we wove Danzeisen Dairy into the fabric of Arizona’s communities. Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks, for example, partnered to create exclusive team-themed bottles. So did our local NFL franchise, the Arizona Cardinals. 

Arizona Cardinals, Big Red, visits Danzeisen Dairy

Capping these high-profile partnerships was Alice Cooper himself. The famed shock-rocker calls Arizona home, and his limited-edition milks were a huge hit. (Proceeds went to a great cause, too: Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers.) 

Elevating brand awareness — both across Arizona and the national dairy industry — also required additional new PR efforts, which we spearheaded.

Through key media stories, this PR outreach showcased a broad range of memorable selling points: 

  • Danzeisen Dairy’s transparency in operations and bottling processes 
  • Why their cows wear pedometers 
  • The pasteurization process 
  • The creation of flavored milk 
Alice Cooper, featured in Danzeisen Dairy’s Chocolate Milk promotional video


From Cows to Clicks

Within four months of launching Danzeisen Dairy’s new brand identity, they experienced significant successes, including:  

  • 6.5 million+ media impressions 
  • 38% YoY growth in social media followers 
  • 300 Stores where product became available 

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce also took notice, honoring Danzeisen Dairy as Business of the Year at the 2016 IMPACT Awards. This annual award recognizes the contributions that local companies and their employees make to the Greater Phoenix community. And Danzeisen Dairy absolutely earned it. 

Over 6.5 Million Media Impressions
38% YoY Follower Growth
300 Stores
Data from 2014 launch

Client Update

Joyful Sips Ahead

Our commitment to the brand remains as strong as ever, and we’re thrilled to share the sizeable impact we’ve continued to make. 

Throughout this ongoing partnership, dynamic and acclaimed bottle designs have been the throughline. With every new version, our talented designers continue to outdo themselves. But don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself. 

Our latest project has us dreaming up some memorable new bottle designs and bringing them to life. Picture this: tulips to usher spring, a sunflower to brighten up your summer, and cozy poinsettias for the winter months. These eye-catching designs are set to hit stores throughout 2024, adding a touch of seasonal joy to every sip.  

Front of Danzeisen Dairy's Tulip Milk Bottles

Client Kudos:
Kevin Danzeisen|President/Founder, Danzeisen Dairy
“Ideas Collide is our full-time marketing department and extension of our team. Today, our products are found in almost every Arizona grocer. We deliver direct to homes and have expanded our sister brand, 1836 Farms, to Texas. We couldn’t have ever been in the position we are in today without the entire Ideas Collide team! ”


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Project Team
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  • Kylie Dukes
  • Demetrio Herrera
  • Claudia Kunkel

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