Community Cycling Center

A new video highlights grassroots efforts to advocate for inclusive transportation infrastructure, and highlights its importance for underserved communities in Portland. 

Community Cycling Center’s ABC Program Video


Upping the Advocacy

For members of the Community Cycling Center’s Latinx-led Andando en Bicicletas y Caminando (ABC) volunteer program, walking and biking aren’t merely a recreational activity — they’re a fundamental mode of transportation for commuting to work and school while also accessing essential services. 

Unlike more affluent Portland neighborhoods, however, where biking infrastructure is well supported, areas like the Cully neighborhood lack resources, hindering the development of thriving communities. This disparity limits access to safe biking and pedestrian routes and fosters feelings of exclusion and isolation among community members.

Ideas Collide aimed to help tell the stories of ABC’s dedicated members, while also highlighting ABC’s grassroots efforts to promote inclusivity and empowerment for local pedestrians and cyclists.

The main objectives of this video include:

  • Advocate for inclusive biking and pedestrian infrastructure and highlight its importance for underserved communities. 
  • Engage donors and potential members by showcasing ABC’s transformative work and the ongoing need for support.

FIlming + behind-the-scenes in Portland for ABC video.


Lights, Camera, Community Action

Senior Account Director Ryan Palmer, an avid biker himself, spearheaded this project as part of Ideas Collide’s ongoing commitment to supporting community non-profits, through the IC Gives program.

Ideas Collide prepared for the video project, conducting pre-filming interviews with key stakeholders from the Community Cycling Center (CCC) and ABC program members to gather insights into their experiences and perspectives. 

Additionally, our team scouted locations in Portland neighborhoods, with a focus on Cully, to identify compelling settings that would enhance the storytelling process.

During filming, we captured poignant moments reflecting the daily realities and aspirations of the ABC community. Impactful interviews and scenic shots conveyed the program’s impact, while diverse locations, including Steel Bridge, NE Killingsworth, and others, offered a comprehensive view of biking and walking infrastructure in the Portland community.

Team Spotlight:
Ryan Palmer|Senior Account Director
“Ideas Collide’s collective commitment to inclusion extends into the broader community. Authentically telling ABC members’ stories and experiences is a powerful example.”


Telling Authentic Stories

Authentic storytelling brought the challenges, triumphs, and hopes of the ABC community to life in a documentary-style three-minute video, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers and inspires action with donors.

Recognizing the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the ABC community, our editing process also involved translating Spanish interviews into English subtitles to ensure inclusivity and broaden the video’s reach.

The full video was also cut into shorter videos highlighting key members’ voices, perfect for sharing on social media.

  • Ideas Collide with ABC Members at Community Cycling Center Bike shop for video viewing
  • Ideas Collide Portland team at 2023 Community Cycling Center Bike Drive


Getting the Wheels Turning

The video served as an inspiring portrayal of ABC’s mission and impact, capturing authentic stories and experiences from ABC members. Premiering at the Community Cycling Center’s Transportation Trivia Fundraising night, the video captivated audiences and sparked meaningful conversations about the importance of inclusive biking and walking communities.

Additionally, it became the featured video on the ABC Program’s webpage, serving as a powerful tool for raising awareness and engaging potential supporters.

Through its emotive storytelling and compelling visuals, the video effectively conveyed ABC’s mission and reinforced the importance of ongoing support for its initiatives.

Ideas Collide’s commitment to the Community Cycling Center extends beyond the screen. Our team’s hands-on involvement in events like the Holiday Bike Drive ensures that the wheels of change keep turning in Portland’s neighborhoods.


  • Community Cycling Center
Year Completed
  • 2023
  • Non-profit
  • Transportation
  • Video Production + Editing
  • Video Translation
Project Team
  • Scottie Yang
  • Alexus Washington
  • Mason Byrne
  • Ryan Palmer
  • Caitlin Davison
  • William Francis (Community Cycling Center)
  • Brittany Morris

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