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Why IC: People, people, people

Throughout college, I knew I wanted to be in advertising, making my mark in the ad agency world. However, the beginning of my career took me on a slightly different path, where I started in the corporate world in retail merchandising. Five years later, I found myself in a room with a large group of…

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Why IC: Unearthly, Fantastic, & Bizarre

Ideas Collide is weird. I often say, “the best compliment I’ve ever received was being told I was weird”. I hope that’s an indicator of how fondly I think of the agency I work for. According to, to be weird is to be unearthly, fantastic, and bizarre. Ideas Collide Is Unearthly We are a…

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Why IC: Challenges, Growth, & Recognition

Relatively speaking, I’ve had a short professional career. But during these quick five years in the rat race, I’ve learned that the work you do can significantly impact what type of person you become. In 2014 while living in Texas, I found myself in a professional situation that was making me feel dreadful from morning…

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