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Part 2: With AI Chatbots, Commerce is Conversational (Again!)

Last week, we discussed how chatbots are revolutionizing the digital experience with Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder of Botco.aiand digital agency Ideas Collide. I’m excited to share more from our conversation, including the role they play in the customer experience and what the future could bring for this fascinating technology. 1.  How have chatbots become a valuable channel for the digital customer experience? At…

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Enterprise Chatbots: 5 Use Cases

If you are over 40, you probably remember a time when business was entirely conversational. In the “olden days” before 1994, businesses interacted with customers almost entirely through in-person meetings or over the phone. There was no website or app to send people to. Business was entirely conversational. Fast forward to 2017 and today we…

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Part 1: With AI Chatbots, Commerce is Conversational (Again!)

AI technology is thriving and only getting smarter. And as machines continue to advance at a rapid pace, the case for utilizing chatbots as part of a brand’s customer experience is strong. A recent study conducted by Juniper Research predicts that chatbots could save businesses $8 billion annually by 2022. While some may fear what automation may bring…

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10 Behaviors for Personal & Professional Fulfillment

Recently I was asked to speak to a large women’s leadership conference on the 10 most important behaviors I have adopted in my leadership approach. While these are constantly evolving, here they are! Invest in yourself, first and foremost. Tune yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically so you are in line with the best and most authentic…

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Strengthening Business with Diversity & Inclusion

International Women’s Day is upon us. Today is yet another example of how diversity and equal rights has dominated national news at historic levels for the last 12 months. A heated presidential election has led the public to engage in difficult, honest conversations about prejudices. Communities have united to march in record numbers and demand…

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IC to Host AZTC Lunch and Learn on Marketing Technology in 2017

Putting Your MarTech Stack to Work Presented by Ideas Collide   Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder/CXO and Michael Fleming, V.P., Digital Strategy at Ideas Collide are hybrid professionals with both marketing and tech savvy. Through their marketing strategy use cases they’ll display the breadth of potential with marketing technologies and how companies can position them as a…

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Rebecca Clyde Wins 2016 Athena Award

Ideas Collide is proud, honored and excited to announce that co-founder and CXO Rebecca Clyde has been named winner of the 2016 ATHENA Private Sector Award by The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. This is a huge honor,” said Rebecca Clyde, 2016 ATHENA Businesswoman of the Year Award recipient in the…

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The buyer is now in the driver’s seat and giving those buyers choices is now the norm in the modern marketing landscape. That is the message that Rebecca Clyde, CXO and Co-Found of Ideas Collide, made clear at Arizona Technology Council Connect Signature Luncheon. Clyde took the luncheon on a detailed journey into a highly…

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8 Years of Extraordinary

At Ideas Collide, we believe that our best years are still ahead of us. And why should we feel otherwise? Each year has brought monumental growth and a perpetual list of awards and recognitions. Our eighth year was no different.  Projects took us all over the country, we welcomed five new team members, began working…

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