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Ad Blockers Are Here To Stay: Here’s What Brands Must Do

Want to measure a brand or digital marketer? Recite these stats and then ask them to tell you their plan for reaching digital consumers with branded messages. 16% of the US online population blocked ads during Q2 2015. At least 419 million people globally are blocking ads on smartphones 80% of those who know about…

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Content Marketing Is Growing Up, Are You Growing Up With It?

At the recent Digital Summit Phoenix, Matthew Clyde outlined the latest trends and best practices with four key areas where content marketing is growing up. Here are the key take away insights from the session Matthew delivered. Today, content marketing is at the center of practically every digital marketing campaign. Infographics, emails, social posts, blogs,…

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IC/MC Results – Digital Highlights

Likes, impressions, engagement and ROI. IC/MC’s digital marketing strategy and execution delivers results to our clients in the hospitality, technology and fashion sectors. Check out just a small sampling of our work and the amazing results we’ve achieved.      

Failing Faster & Building a Growth Mindset Culture

I’ve been familiar with the work from Carol Dweck for some time (I’m referring to her best-selling book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”), but it was at a recent visit to Los Angeles for a Vistage gathering that I gained a new perspective on this topic. Dr. Eve Grodnitzky, the author of “The Art…

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Ideas Collide and Best Western Go Platinum 2014 Adrian Awards Presented by the HSMAI

Every year, HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) celebrates the best marketing campaigns in the in the field of hospitality with an extravagant party in the heart of Times Square. In this 58th annual event, nearly 1,000 of the industry’s best and brightest were in attendance, including six great minds from Ideas Collide. Together…

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Awards Shows Offer 4 Marketing Moments For Brands To Seize

Our founder and CEO Matt Clyde recently took part in a discussion on Momentology to talk about how marketers can create meaningful connections with an audience during live TV events like the Oscars or the Super Bowl. “It requires authenticity and smart, engaged marketers to know what the audience is going to see through. I think that’s…

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Our Video Philosophy

“Inspiring & Impactful video should be: simple, not limited by a small budget, centered on a big idea to hook and drive action.”- Matt    

New Brands in Established Markets: Under Armour

In 2010, NFL Quarterback, Tom Brady, switched sponsorship from Nike to Under Armour, claiming that he saw young people using it and he wanted to stay fresh. The company launched its first global marketing campaign earlier this year and reported a 23 percent net revenue growth for the first quarter. After less than two decades…

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3 Stripes

They may be known as the number 2 brand in athletics, but they have one of the most distinguishing brand marks in the world.  Adidas’ 3 stripes have become a lasting identifier for their products ever since the brands creation in the 1950’s.  Adi Dassler (so, THAT’S where the name comes from…) built his products…

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Are Animals Effective In Advertising?

Personally, I love animals in advertising. Tried, true and consistent… but is there scientific evidence showing that placing animals in a television spot, print ad, or social media promotion will guarantee an effective campaign? Clearly, the answer depends on what brand, product or service is being marketed. But on a personal level for me animals…

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