Associate Director

Rita Rabbani
AGENCY SKILL SET Marketing strategy, sports marketing, brand management, project management, collaboration
COORDINATES Scottsdale, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; Weatherford, Oklahoma; Little Rock, Arkansas; Kansas City, Kansas
EDUCATION / TRAINING Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arizona State University
GUILTY PLEASURE I have an unhealthy obsession with LGO.
MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME The worst thing they can say is no!
QUOTE “A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick” – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
RETREAT The perfect Saturday: coffee, yoga, reflexology appointment, mani/pedi, dinner and drinks with friends/family, and a good movie.
PASSIONATE ABOUT Good food & drinks, yoga, movies, the news & NPR, Bravo TV, live music
CHILDHOOD AMBITION Mystery writer, CNN anchor, supermodel
BUSINESS ADVISE/PHILOSOPHY Don’t hold yourself back! Try everything and eliminate what you don’t like. You’ll eventually figure out what you love to do!
MUST HAVE GADGET I am in love with my Apple TV.
SUPER HERO POWER Be everywhere all the time. I don’t like missing out!
PROUDEST MOMENT My favorite work project so far is ideating, coordinating and executing KJ Dunk Night when I worked for the Phoenix Suns. It was really fulfilling to overhear fans talking in the concourse about how cool it was to hear Kevin Johnson discuss the dunk in the halftime FAQ with Al McCoy!
FIRST JOB Strawberry dipper and caramel apple maker at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
LAST BIG PURCHASE An expensive but super cute skirt at a shop in Brooklyn.
IF I WON THE LOTTERY I would buy a lifetime supply of blackberries, an apartment in NYC, travel all the time and never feel guilty about new Kate Spade jewelry and purse purchases!
INSPIRATION Morning coffee and NPR.
IN THE EIGHTIES I was Big Bird’s biggest fan.


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