Lynze Shuman


Lynze Shuman

AGENCY SKILL SET Client/agency collaboration, account management, project execution and always keeping the ball rolling.
COORDINATES Proud Arizona Native – born and raised in Cave Creek, AZ
EDUCATION / TRAINING BSBA in Marketing and Journalism from the University of Arizona and MBA from Arizona State University
FAVORITE DESTINATION Anywhere beachside or around a campfire
GUILTY PLEASURE Mac n’ Cheese and the latest Law and Order Marathon
MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME Just breathe.
QUOTE “Still”
PASSIONATE ABOUT Phoenix and the incredible community of young, creative, passionate people that are dedicated to making it the very best it can be.
RETREAT When in need of a creative boost – a trip to NYC is the perfect prescription.
BUSINESS ADVICE Always trust your gut. Life is too short to not love, trust and respect the work you are doing and the people you are doing it with.
MUST HAVE GADGET Roku. In every room.
PROUDEST MOMENT Working with an incredible team to launch the Crews n’ Healthmobile II in Phoenix, providing the under-served populations with essential healthcare.
FIRST JOB Putting tags on all of your dirty dry cleaning
LAST BIG PURCHASE Last minute plane tickets to a last minute adventure
INSPIRATION My father: my biggest irritation, my biggest fan, and the most incredible man I know.
IF I WON THE LOTTERY I would buy a house on the beach and a cabin in the woods that I could share with everyone I love!
IN THE EIGHTIES I was an adorable baby with a boss attitude – ask my big brother.


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