Joel Eberhart

Vice President, Marketing & Community Development


AGENCY SKILL SET Digital Marketing, PR, Social Media, Advertising and Manual Labor, Stand-in Model for ICMC projects
COORDINATES Glendale, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Phoenix, AZ
EDUCATION / TRAINING Bachelor of Science in Communication from Arizona State University
HIDDEN TALENT My mind is a vast wasteland of useless trivia and historical fact…I try to keep that hidden as much as possible.
MOST LIKELY TO BE SEEN At a concert, local sporting event, or (depending on the month/weather) outside enjoying the Arizona weather.
FAVORITE DESTINATION Northern California (SF, Napa)
GUILTY PLEASURE Graphic novels, geeky comic book stuff from my youth.
TREND WATCHING Social media, advertising, technology and branding
PASSIONATE ABOUT Books, politics, film, sports, advertising, marketing, philosophy, media, music, life
BUSINESS ADVICE/PHILOSOPHY If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.
MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME Put your dishes in the dishwasher!
CHILDHOOD AMBITION To be a writer or filmmaker.
READING Anything by Kerouac, Vonnegut, Bukowski, Eggers, Thompson, Steinbeck, McCarthy, Chabon…
IN THE EIGHTIES I learned to read, tie my shoes, ride a bike. It was a decade of accomplishments…


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