James West

Director – Video & Content

James West
AGENCY SKILL SET Mr. Do It, Do It All. Nun chuck skills, social media trends, facebooking, Twittering, digital marketing consulting, collaborating.
COORDINATES Tucson, Phoenix, Az; Helsinki, Finland; and Utah.
EDUCATION / TRAINING Bachelor of Arts: Communications with Advertising emphasis, Business Management minor (BYU)
HIDDEN TALENT I can juggle…booyah!
WATCHING The Phoenix Suns and U of A football. Sportscenter, Fantasy Factory.
TREND WATCHING All things social media and what’s on the horizon.
HEROES My pops
PASSIONATE ABOUT Wings and basketball
PAST LIVES / EARNED MY STRIPES BYU AdLab planned and executed campaigns for clients: Nestle, Microsoft. Earned my striped by enduring the initiation of intern to employee at IC/MC
CHILDHOOD AMBITION Become a professional basketball player.
SOUNDTRACK Angels and Airwaves, 311
GEAR Basketball shorts and a hat.
MUST HAVE GADGET Nintendo 64 (is that a gadget?)
PROUDEST MOMENT (CAREER) Getting hired straight out of college in the Great Recession of 2010
PROUDEST MOMENT (PERSONAL) Hearing “Yes” when asking my wife to marry me.


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