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Lessons in Public Relations

As someone who is interested in a career in Public Relations, having an opportunity to learn exactly what that means is incredibly valuable. As much as you read about something there’s always something else you can learn from actually doing it. PR is no exception. Working with Ideas Collide’s PR division has given me a…

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Part 2: With AI Chatbots, Commerce is Conversational (Again!)

Last week, we discussed how chatbots are revolutionizing the digital experience with Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder of Botco.aiand digital agency Ideas Collide. I’m excited to share more from our conversation, including the role they play in the customer experience and what the future could bring for this fascinating technology. 1.  How have chatbots become a valuable channel for the digital customer experience? At…

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Enterprise Chatbots: 5 Use Cases

If you are over 40, you probably remember a time when business was entirely conversational. In the “olden days” before 1994, businesses interacted with customers almost entirely through in-person meetings or over the phone. There was no website or app to send people to. Business was entirely conversational. Fast forward to 2017 and today we…

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Iconic ads in modern times: Coca-Cola

I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke The year is 1971 and Coca-Coca took the world by storm by the now famous, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” Commercial. The ad, which almost never aired because it was originally created as a radio jingle. But, once it went public, it grew in…

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Part 1: With AI Chatbots, Commerce is Conversational (Again!)

AI technology is thriving and only getting smarter. And as machines continue to advance at a rapid pace, the case for utilizing chatbots as part of a brand’s customer experience is strong. A recent study conducted by Juniper Research predicts that chatbots could save businesses $8 billion annually by 2022. While some may fear what automation may bring…

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10 Behaviors for Personal & Professional Fulfillment

Recently I was asked to speak to a large women’s leadership conference on the 10 most important behaviors I have adopted in my leadership approach. While these are constantly evolving, here they are! Invest in yourself, first and foremost. Tune yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically so you are in line with the best and most authentic…

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Iconic Ads in Modern Times: Pan Am Vs. Southwest

The Times, They are A-Changin’ Pan American Airlines was the iconic American airline. Audiences of the early 1960s were met with futuristic advertisements boasting the luxury of air travel with attractive young stewardesses. Looking at Pan Am’s marketing and advertisements, it’s easy to see that it was specifically geared towards a very narrow audience. However,…

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Ideas Collide: Staying One Step Ahead of the Game with Social Listening

  Part of what powers our creativity and gives IC’s clients a fantastic ROI lies in our ability to successfully utilize social listening and data. Rebecca Clyde, CXO and Co-Founder of Ideas Collide, shared her thoughts on social listening and data with Oracle’s Social Spotlight blog, who put together this in-depth report on IC’s success: Unifying…

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Strengthening Business with Diversity & Inclusion

International Women’s Day is upon us. Today is yet another example of how diversity and equal rights has dominated national news at historic levels for the last 12 months. A heated presidential election has led the public to engage in difficult, honest conversations about prejudices. Communities have united to march in record numbers and demand…

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Ideas Collide In The News: Success By Example

In Business Magazine recently spoke to a few of Arizona’s business leaders about business truths and what it takes to start a new business. Ideas Collide founder, Matthew Clyde was interviewed and provided some insights and tips. In his comments, Clyde notes about organizational change and challenges that, “everyone in an organization needs to be adaptive…

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