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The Tune of Creativity

I rely on music as inspiration. It sets the tone for me to design! It evokes the feeling that must be conveyed in a particular design or project. Each project is different from one another; one thing that is constant is that all the components of a good design must blend and work well together.…

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Speech Writing—Communicating an Idea

Powerful speeches have the ability to change the life of an individual or even the lives of those in an entire nation. Would Americans have had the confidence necessary to triumph in World War II without President Roosevelt’s famous “a date that will live in infamy” declaration of war speech? Would the civil rights movement…

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Parenthood Educates Marketing Professionals

I recently came back to Ideas Collide after taking a five year hiatus to become a full time parent to two babies.  One of my biggest concerns was that, by being “out of the game” for so long, I would be ill-prepared to manage some of today’s breed of marketing projects. So, I braced myself…

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Concert Celebration!

Wednesday, April 13th, was a day of celebrations for Ideas Collide.  Not only was IC/MC celebrating six years as a company but we were also celebrating IC/MC’s president and founder, Matthew Clyde’s birthday.  The day was a milestone for the company and in order to make it memorable we decided to go to the Arcade…

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Integration Inside & Out

Integration is part of our mantra in our studio here in Scottsdale. Every advertising agency or marketing department must integrate any campaign or communications initiative to survive in today’s niche focused, multi-tasking world. Part of the integration perspective we have at Ideas Collide goes beyond just external, consumer focused marketing campaigns. We take it to…

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Stylist for a Day

Who knew watching TV would help me in my job? I have no formal fashion training—my undergrad is in communications and my MBA studies didn’t cover much about fashion except for a few retail case studies—but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a thing or two about fashion through TV or my Vogue subscription. In…

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From Sketch to Blast Off

Great ideas come from sketching and it’s always faster than the computer. This is a recent sketch we put together for an Ideas Collide theme birthday card we send to clients. What’s great about putting your ideas on paper first is that you can quickly put down a variety of ideas and jump back and…

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The Intersection of Innovation & Irrelevance

I snapped this picture while in San Francisco at Ad:Tech last week (appropriately with my iPhone) and it stood out as the perfect example of the classic business speak of   “innovate or fail.” Here it is, the intersection of innovation and irrelevance with the bustling Apple store on the left and the once vibrant…

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April Fool’s (Yes, an Excuse to Have Fun!)

I wanted to send a big thanks to whoever created this holiday (we know it was you, Hallmark). Finally, a holiday that allows everyone to have a sense of humor (businesses and humans alike) and for advertisers to find a way to connect with their customers on a very human level—through humor.

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