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Stylist for a Day

Who knew watching TV would help me in my job? I have no formal fashion training—my undergrad is in communications and my MBA studies didn’t cover much about fashion except for a few retail case studies—but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a thing or two about fashion through TV or my Vogue subscription. In…

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Summer Lovin’

Summer is upon us at ICMC headquarters and with it the hopes of blissful summer days by the pool. Here’s a roundup of what we are looking forward to this summer (in addition to pumping out amazing, creative and impactful solutions for clients, that goes without saying). Here is what summer has in store for…

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On the Next “Your Life A to Z” …

Our PR / Comms team spent the morning working with our client Gold Canyon for a special segment on eco-friendly products and the benefits of  “spring cleaning” the aromatherapy way. The feature segment airs Friday morning at 10 a.m. on Channel 3 TV “Your Life A to Z”. The garden setting for this segment was…

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ICMC Picture Day – Team Photo Shoot

Our ranks are growing so it was time to update our team photo album. So here’s our official welcome to Barb, Bridget, and John who joined us since the last time we got dressed up and had to smile pretty.

Holiday Wishes from ICMC

Deck the Halls. Tonight we celebrated the past year and the holiday season with our talented crew. It was a great close to a busy, amazing year. Thanks to Claudia for hosting and everyone to help put together this year’s holiday celebration. Holiday Party Photo Album

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