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“Like” Macayo’s to Donate Food this Holiday Season!

Each year in America, over 17 million households don’t have the means to buy their own food.  The downturn in the economy has made things even worse by decreasing donations for those who desperately need it. In an effort to help those in need this holiday season, our client Macayo’s has partnered with the Association…

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Ideas Collide Supports Chimi for Arizona State Food

Recently, Ideas Collide kicked off its first political campaign. Luckily, the agency’s debut into politics centered around an independent candidate so we were not forced to pick sides.  Check Yes for Chimi is a political campaign for our client Macayo’s that aims to make the chimichanga Arizona’s official state food. Celebrating 100 years of statehood…

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Macayo’s Turns 65

Over the past year, Ideas Collide has been working with Macayo’s on great campaigns that have aimed to, among other things, raise awareness about their 65 years in Arizona. As Macayo’s prepares for a month-long “fiesta” at their 14 valley locations, we tip our “sombrero” and congratulate them on this most-special of birthdays.  İFeliz Cumpleaños!

The Authentic Marketer

I recently attended a networking event for Social Media Day in Phoenix. As far as networking events go, this was much like the others I had attended; multitudes of people shifting and moving around clutching their swag bags in one hand and perhaps a cold drink in the other. Name tags were slapped onto shirts or a…

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IMPACT Award Winner

We are honored to have received the prestigious award of 2011 Best Company Culture IMPACT Award from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The luncheon was an exciting event and Matthew Clyde, founder and chief strategist of Ideas Collide, accepted the award. Watch this video highlighting our agency that was shown at the awards ceremony…

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Concert Celebration!

Wednesday, April 13th, was a day of celebrations for Ideas Collide.  Not only was IC/MC celebrating six years as a company but we were also celebrating IC/MC’s president and founder, Matthew Clyde’s birthday.  The day was a milestone for the company and in order to make it memorable we decided to go to the Arcade…

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Top Ten Takeaways from Ad:Tech SF 2011

There’s a trend, innovation, emerging concept around every corner at ad:tech. Keeping up with this at every second of the conference can be at times exhilarating and at others overwhelming. We collected over 20 pages of notes (thank you to the amazing and useful Evernote app) and here is a quick summary of our ten…

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Digital All Around – Insights from Ad Tech

After a great “Inspire” session on Monday and a first full day at Ad Tech, here are a few insights that are top of mind to share after four keynotes, hours of networking and a dozen sessions later: 1. Design matters more than ever. Especially in the mobile and tablet space. 2. Design is an…

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Convention Countdown

Since 2006, Ideas Collide has supported Gold Canyon – a $100 million direct selling candle company based in Chandler, Arizona – at their annual convention held in Phoenix. Whether writing keynote speeches, project managing video shoots or coordinating media coverage, the Ideas Collide crew covers a wide range of assignment to launch this important event.…

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Campaign Delivered (in 24 Hours or Less)

You may have seen us saturating the news last week with our client’s event, Operation: Air Refresh. Gold Canyon, known for very strong and true to life fragrant products, came to us on a Thursday night last week (5:15 p.m. to be exact) asking if we could pull off a large media and consumer-based event……

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