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The Data’s In – Brands Want Agencies Who Have Been In Their Shoes

Ideas Collide is an agency that’s been in your shoes – and according to a new survey, that’s exactly what brands are looking for. New research from Provoke Insights shows that while cost is the biggest factor driving account reviews, it’s the ability the empathize with the objectives and struggles and prior industry experience that…

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HSMAI Platinum Award: How to Create Truly Effective Micro-Influencer Strategies

Ideas Collide and Best Western® Hotels & Resorts were recently recognized with a Platinum Award from Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for micro-influencer marketing strategies. Influencer strategies have turned digital marketing on its head. While spokespeople are nothing new, the approach to curation with influencers is unprecedented. Working with micro-influencers takes the innovation…

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Lessons in Public Relations

As someone who is interested in a career in Public Relations, having an opportunity to learn exactly what that means is incredibly valuable. As much as you read about something there’s always something else you can learn from actually doing it. PR is no exception. Working with Ideas Collide’s PR division has given me a…

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Part 2: With AI Chatbots, Commerce is Conversational (Again!)

Last week, we discussed how chatbots are revolutionizing the digital experience with Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder of Botco.aiand digital agency Ideas Collide. I’m excited to share more from our conversation, including the role they play in the customer experience and what the future could bring for this fascinating technology. 1.  How have chatbots become a valuable channel for the digital customer experience? At…

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Iconic ads in modern times: Coca-Cola

I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke The year is 1971 and Coca-Coca took the world by storm by the now famous, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” Commercial. The ad, which almost never aired because it was originally created as a radio jingle. But, once it went public, it grew in…

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Ideas Collide: Staying One Step Ahead of the Game with Social Listening

  Part of what powers our creativity and gives IC’s clients a fantastic ROI lies in our ability to successfully utilize social listening and data. Rebecca Clyde, CXO and Co-Founder of Ideas Collide, shared her thoughts on social listening and data with Oracle’s Social Spotlight blog, who put together this in-depth report on IC’s success: Unifying…

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Iconic Ads in Modern Times: Volkswagen Lemon

We pluck the lemons – you get the plums The iconic Volkswagen Lemon advertisement shifted how companies marketed their products in the 60’s. Prior to this ad with its simplistic design, ads were more clichéd with little nuance or originality. The Lemon ad revolutionized advertising because it elevated design and copy to a more sophisticated…

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Supporting Women and Phoenix at Large: The Junior League of Phoenix Rummage Sale

The Junior League of Phoenix’s annual Rummage Sale means a lot of things to a lot of people. For shoppers, it’s a chance to purchase school clothes, a new couch, or maybe a set of dishes. Some shoppers return year after year, knowing that whatever they’re on the market for, they’ll find it at Rummage…

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Insights from the Social Failure of Big Brands

Inspired by a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board recently discussed “Branding in the Age of Social Media,” focusing on the lessons and implications for the hospitality industry. For a number of years, big brands have looked to social media to boost their reputations and refine their customer targeting. Today,…

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Showcasing New Campaigns from Our Portfolio – Norton Point

We’re proud to always take new ideas to our clients that go beyond expectations and deliver a creative solution with impactful results. Here is one example of work we created and launched for Norton Point. The Challenge Norton Point, a vibrant sunglass design and manufacture based in Martha’s Vineyard, came to Ideas Collide to partner on…

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