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Supporting Women and Phoenix at Large: The Junior League of Phoenix Rummage Sale

The Junior League of Phoenix’s annual Rummage Sale means a lot of things to a lot of people. For shoppers, it’s a chance to purchase school clothes, a new couch, or maybe a set of dishes. Some shoppers return year after year, knowing that whatever they’re on the market for, they’ll find it at Rummage…

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Strengthening Business with Diversity & Inclusion

International Women’s Day is upon us. Today is yet another example of how diversity and equal rights has dominated national news at historic levels for the last 12 months. A heated presidential election has led the public to engage in difficult, honest conversations about prejudices. Communities have united to march in record numbers and demand…

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Creative Collaboration

As a senior designer at Ideas Collide, I really enjoy the fact that I have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. One day I could be designing a website for one client and the next, I’m working on an APR for another client. The team comes together to find solutions for our…

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Five Years at a Small Ad Agency

Why do people lose interest at a job? Lack of a challenge, complacency, no opportunities for growth, lack of trust, lame co-workers, sucky boss. Not here, not for me. When I joined Ideas Collide, I was the eleventh employee and had the doors of opportunity open in front of me. It was a challenge from…

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Millennials at Work

Looking around the agency, there’s a common theme among many of my coworkers: There are a lot of millennials working at Ideas Collide. As a member of the millennial generation myself, I wonder sometimes if this commonality is a wild coincidence or if it’s by design. What attracts this group to the agency? Is it…

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Love Your Life: Build Your Future at Ideas Collide

Ideas Collide is unquestionably one of the best places to work in the Valley of the Sun. Sure, most companies these days flaunt having a great company culture, but IC lives up to the reputation. There is a phrase you’ll hear often around the office: “You can’t love your life if you don’t love your…

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IC to Host AZTC Lunch and Learn on Marketing Technology in 2017

Putting Your MarTech Stack to Work Presented by Ideas Collide   Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder/CXO and Michael Fleming, V.P., Digital Strategy at Ideas Collide are hybrid professionals with both marketing and tech savvy. Through their marketing strategy use cases they’ll display the breadth of potential with marketing technologies and how companies can position them as a…

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Award-Winning Agency Adds New Clients and Executive Leadership in Banner Year PHOENIX – December 22, 2016 – Ideas Collide, a full-service strategic marketing firm, saw significant growth in 2016 through new client acquisitions, an extensive office renovation and expansion, a second office location opening in Portland, Ore., and the addition of 15 new employees to…

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Insights from the Social Failure of Big Brands

Inspired by a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board recently discussed “Branding in the Age of Social Media,” focusing on the lessons and implications for the hospitality industry. For a number of years, big brands have looked to social media to boost their reputations and refine their customer targeting. Today,…

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Meet this year’s 2016 Athena Recipient – Rebecca Clyde

From a young age, Rebecca Clyde set herself apart from the rest. She pushed the boundaries and created a legacy that exceeds the expectations set before her. From living in Costa Rica to Chile, Argentina and Paraguay and then Arizona, Rebecca could easily be cast as the “most interesting woman in the world.” However, Rebecca…

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