The Data’s In – Brands Want Agencies Who Have Been In Their Shoes

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Ideas Collide is an agency that’s been in your shoes – and according to a new survey, that’s exactly what brands are looking for.

New research from Provoke Insights shows that while cost is the biggest factor driving account reviews, it’s the ability the empathize with the objectives and struggles and prior industry experience that marketers are looking for in a long-term partner.

“The advertising pitch process is more competitive than ever, with more than two-thirds of companies conducting all or some of their marketing initiatives in-house,” said Carly Fink, principal and head of strategy and research at Provoke Insights told Adweek. “The research results show where in-house marketers see agencies are succeeding or falling short and also highlight areas where agencies could improve throughout the pitch process.”

At Ideas Collide, one thing we pride ourselves on is being able to draw on a wide array of prior experiences before joining the IC team. We have employees with backgrounds that include everything from tourism & hospitality, to restaurants, to sports teams and even journalism backgrounds. This diversity in backgrounds and expertise gives a unique proposition to brands looking for a partner, with Ideas Collide being able to provide something many other agencies can’t – partners who have been in their shoes before, faced the same problems, and have solutions ready.itsnotme-data-2018

Posted on March 19, 2018 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, News

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