That big deal on Instagram: Yeah, we know her.


To you they’re friends, colleagues, tv hosts, chefs, travelers, designers, owners, celebrities and experts. But to us, they have the ability with a single click to impact tens, if not hundreds of thousands of followers.

The concept isn’t novel or unique. The modern influencer is no different than the celebrity endorsement of old, but with one important twist – anyone you walk by on the street might secretly be one, hiding in plain sight.

Recently in Portland we connected with the amazingly talent Kelsey Nixon (@kelseynixon) who took us into the kitchen to show off her stuff. On her Instagram feed Kelsey tells stories everyone can relate to using food that makes your mouth water.

Her content connects with more than 40-thousand people every time she posts. She may not have the biggest following compared to her celebrity chef colleagues, but when it comes to her ability to connect with her audience, her easy-to-understand and accessible style makes her the perfect person to inspire.

We’re always looking for new, innovate and creative ways to connect and inspire – and using social media influencers like Kelsey Nixon is just one of the many arrows in our social media quiver.


Posted on March 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

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