WHYIC? An attitude of gratitude.

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I believe it is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time, and it’s evident Ideas Collide knows this secret as well.

Before I came to Ideas Collide, I worked in TV production. Sometimes it felt like I was on a conveyor belt and couldn’t get off. The hours were long and even though it was a great position, it often felt thankless. It was easy to feel like just another cog in the wheel.

At Ideas Collide you can be a Unicorn, or a Genie in A Bottle, or both! We’ve even created an entire digital system that enables us to thank each other when a team member’s contribution makes our day, when someone excels at his or her job, or heck, even if someone brings brownies to work. I’ve set out to earn every badge!

When I joined Ideas collide, I was welcomed with love, encouragement, and support. The company went out of their way to present me with a gift:  An inspiring book about changing your mindset.

To me, Ideas Collide feels like a living entity–a breathing, dreaming, growing entity, built on values, curiosity, grit, emotion, and most importantly, a heart.

This attitude of gratitude comes straight from the founders and partners. Rebecca Clyde, Matt Clyde, and Mike Mason are terrific leaders; visionaries who inspire you to be the best that you can be. The culture they have created is inspiring, to say the least. You are encouraged to be relentless and curious. People don’t leave Ideas Collide, they grow and evolve with Ideas Collide.

It is not a workplace. It is a relationship.

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