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Throughout college, I knew I wanted to be in advertising, making my mark in the ad agency world. However, the beginning of my career took me on a slightly different path, where I started in the corporate world in retail merchandising. Five years later, I found myself in a room with a large group of people being told our positions were no longer needed. I was working in marketing at a small start-up company that had just been bought by a larger company, and I had just been let go American Idol style.

While it is never a good feeling to be let go from a company, I decided that this was actually a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t trying to find any job that will move me back home or get me away from a horrible boss; this was the time to really go for something I’ve wanted since college. I was going to work at an ad agency.

This process brought me to Ideas Collide, and throughout the interview process, I knew this was where I wanted to work. Not only were the interviews a way for Ideas Collide to get to know me and my experiences, it also gave me some great insight into their team. I saw how much they cared about their employees. To them, it wasn’t about adding a new team member that would just fit the job description, it was also about adding someone who would fit well with the rest of the team and agency culture.

There is a saying that you don’t leave a company, you leave your boss. In the five years I’ve been at Ideas Collide, I have loved working with my colleagues and I continue to see the way management values the team. So while my desire to get into the agency life brought me to Ideas Collide, it’s the amazing team that I get to work with every day that has me staying.

Posted on September 14, 2017 in Ideas, Inspirations

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