Iconic ads in modern times: Coca-Cola


I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke

The year is 1971 and Coca-Coca took the world by storm by the now famous, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” Commercial.

The ad, which almost never aired because it was originally created as a radio jingle. But, once it went public, it grew in popularity and took over radio stations in the United States. That’s when Coca-Cola decided to take the advertisement to the next level and created a commercial that changed advertising forever.

Understanding the Market

1-jdkRWwtg9NJP8iJgkDUnyg45 years ago, when “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” first aired, the world was separated by political views and the United States was struggling with anti-war sentiments and a deep racial divide.

Coca-Cola tapped into the feelings of frustration and used their product as a way to come together during a time of disconnect. One of the musicians of the jingle, Roger Greenway, told ASCAP, “I think it was the flower power era, and most of America was tiring of the Vietnam War. The lyrics, although not overtly anti-war, delivered a message of peace and camaraderie.” Coca-Cola understood the market and used their emotions to sell their product as a peace offering during a difficult time.

Radio to Television

29F8BD9800000578-3139178-Filmed_in_1971_Coca_Cola_s_Hilltop_anthem_a_tune_better_known_to-a-8_1435248344636Television was still a new advertising medium in 1971, but was quickly taking the world by storm. Coca-Cola used this medium to promote their product to a larger audience. As radio started losing popularity, commercial advertisements became to forefront for marketing efforts. The “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial was one of the first televised advertisements that successfully accelerated the world of marketing into the future.

Video Production Today

  1. Television to Internet: The channel used to advertise through videos has changed since the seventies. Audiences are now accessing a majority of advertisements through the internet and various social media platforms.
  2. Short and Sweet: Rather than long video commercials, brands have shifted to short videos. Today, audiences are flooded with content and have a short attention span. The shorter the video…the better the content.
  3. Keep it Original: Consumers have seen so many videos and advertisements that it is important to stand out. Brands have been using the latest video production technology to make their product more noticeable.

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Posted on August 25, 2017 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Observations & Trends

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