10 Behaviors for Personal & Professional Fulfillment

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Recently I was asked to speak to a large women’s leadership conference on the 10 most important behaviors I have adopted in my leadership approach. While these are constantly evolving, here they are!

  1. Invest in yourself, first and foremost. Tune yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically so you are in line with the best and most authentic version of yourself. As women, it’s too easy to put ourselves last – after our kids, partners, bosses…but no. Stop now and put yourself first. You’re not being selfish – it’s actually the opposite. You will have more abundance to give the world if you start with you.
  2. Look closely at your self limiting beliefs and start to peel them away. I have been doing this for a few years now and still keep finding more! These beliefs limit our potential. Do you tell yourself you’re not qualified for a certain job because of xxx? That’s a self-limiting belief! Do you tell yourself you don’t have time to do yyy? That’s a self-limiting belief! Without realizing it, we create our own barricades to success all day long with this type of thinking. Instead, ask yourself, what would it look like if I did zzz? What would I need to put in place to make that happen? And visualize yourself doing the thing. All of the sudden everything changes.
  3. Learn what your superpowers are and play into those.
  4. Brand yourself, shamelessly and authentically. Once you know who you are, write it down and share it widely.
  5. Give generously. Don’t hold anything back from anyone. I give out marketing expertise all day long, even when I should be charging for that time. If anyone ever wants to meet with me to get marketing ideas or to help them with anything, I give it freely and without holding back.
  6. Build a great team, and surround yourself with the best people. Always hire someone smarter and more accomplished than you. Always hire someone you can learn new things from. Only hire A players, never settle for a B player. Never hire anyone that has negative vibes/energy. They will pull down the team, even if they are smart.
  7. Trust that people are always going to come from a good place. Even if you’ve been burned and you are afraid of being hurt again…you can’t live your life from a place of fear. Believe in others.
  8. Be curious. Always ask questions and learn new things.
  9. Be willing to do the hard things that nobody else will do. I wanted to learn all I could about AI I jumped on a plane to Israel and went to the place in the world where all the AI innovation is happening and participated in conferences with the world’s leading AI experts. I took Stanford.edu courses to understand ontology, knowledge representation and NLP with no CS background to build on. Most people aren’t willing to make that effort – but if you do, you will open doors and discover things you never thought were possible.
  10. Smile. If all else fails, you can brighten someone’s day with a smile. You’ll even brighten your own day!

Posted on August 16, 2017 in Inspirations, Observations & Trends

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