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Digital marketing firm at home in Scottsdale space, looks foster tech here, grow in tech hubs, Mexico

Matthew Clyde is at home.

Clyde is president and founder of Ideas Collide, a Scottsdale-based digital marketing and advertising firm. The agency also has an office in Portland. His wife, Rebecca Clyde, is the company’s co-founder. She is also the company’s CXO (chief experience officer).

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She is also one of the drivers and chief organizers of a Phoenix chapter for the Girls in Tech group which encourage women and girls in the technology sector.

Ideas Collide clients have included Avnet Inc., VitaminWater, Gold Canyon candles and Best Western International.

Matthew Clyde said Ideas has grown its ranks to 50 employees. It also recently expanded its offices on Indian School Road and 61st Street.

“It’s our dream space,” he said. The desk in Clyde’s office is a converted ping pong table.

The firm first occupied a couple of offices in the mid-century building. Now it has the entire 9,600-square-foot building.

The building was built in 1961 by architect Charles Polacek.

It was orginally the site of the Brownmoor Girls School and then became Brownmoor Estates an adult apartment community.

The building was previously the apartment development’s community center. Front Door

Now, it has modern touches with zigzag beams, open collaborative spaces as well as photo shoot and production studios.

Ideas Collide also does social media as well as helps clients with technology applications and training. “Our DNA is still digital overall,” Matthew said.

Clyde said he’s looking to grow the digital marketing firm’s footprint in the Pacific Northwest and California. “We have a lot of Silicon Valley clients,” Matthew said.

He’s also looking to grow the company’s business in Mexico City. Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner and export destination. “We’re doing some work there,” Clyde said.

The Scottsdale firm has also been trying to help local startups, charities and other nonprofits via incubator services and other help. Ideas Collide has provided approximately $325,000 in service, in-kind and other help to startups, small businesses and nonprofits since 2015.

Clyde was director of e-commerce and Internet marketing at Best Western International before establishing his own firm in 2005. He won the Sundance Institute’s Young Writer’s Award at age 19.

Mike Sunnucks writes about stocks and financial markets, real estate, government and sports business. This article orignally appeared in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Posted on June 7, 2017 in Ideas Collide News, News

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