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Relatively speaking, I’ve had a short professional career. But during these quick five years in the rat race, I’ve learned that the work you do can significantly impact what type of person you become.

In 2014 while living in Texas, I found myself in a professional situation that was making me feel dreadful from morning to night. I felt stuck, unfulfilled and a total non-believer in the work I was doing. I knew that I had more to offer the world professionally, so I began browsing LinkedIn for opportunities back in Arizona, where I had gone to school. It felt right. My heart longed to return to the Sonoran sun.

I came across a job posting for Ideas Collide and applied right away. The then 23-person agency had spunk, modern collateral, and inspiring work examples. While interviewing I immediately became determined to become a part of the Ideas Collide family. The job was intriguing and meaningful, the employees were passionate and the partners obviously cared.

When my offer letter came across, I knew I had to jump on the opening. Within two short weeks, I quit my job, packed up my life and moved back to Arizona. Don’t get me wrong, leaving Texas was EXTREMELY hard to do. I met lifelong friends and I still refer to my time there as “the glory days.” I cherish my years in Texas for teaching me who I did and did not want to be. I learned the importance of a workplace that makes me feel valued and that offers meaningful, challenging work on a daily basis. In my opinion, these two things greatly contribute to wholly loving life.

On my first day at Ideas Collide, I noticed a framed quote on the wall. It said, “You can’t love your life if you hate your work.” I feel so blessed that the work I do at Ideas Collide is recognized regularly and generously. Occasional late nights and challenging projects contribute to my growing list of abilities as a professional. My personal and professional progress has been on an exponential arc since I started here and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. My love for life has never been so strong.

All this and more is #whyIC.


Posted on May 17, 2017 in Ideas Collide News, Inspirations

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