Our Secret Sauce for an Award Winning Culture – Recognition


Working at Ideas Collide, it’s easy to understand the value of company culture. It drives practically everything we do, from how we interact with each other, to how we treat our clients and partners, to the mindset we take to each and every project.

Body-Image2Part of that culture is refusing to get stuck in doldrums of the daily/weekly/monthly grind and forget to take the time to say thank you to each other. So, we made sure to put loving the team and recognition at the center of IC culture. Today, IC team members recognize each other through a variety of ways, each with their own unique and special flavor.

  • Recognize App: Since being introduced in late 2016, hundreds of Recognize badges have been awarded for everything from instant crushes to specialized recognitions for keeping a tidy work space, volunteering, bringing your pet to the office, organizing office activities, and cooking up sweet treats to share. These honors are special because they can be handed out by any team member at any time, making them a real-time recognition tool rarely seen in workplaces today.
  • Weekly Brag Sessions: We hold “brag sessions” during our weekly morning meeting. The entire agency takes turns calling out key teammates for their accomplishments. A reward goes to those people with the most team recognitions each week.
  • Golden Atoms: Every quarter IC directors recognize individuals and team members who exemplify the agency values.
  • Customer Love Award: It’s not just loving the team that’s important to the IC culture, it’s loving our clients. This award is given out every quarter to the one team member who really goes above and beyond to service their accounts.
  • Body-Image1Team Crush Award: This award, given out at the end of every year, goes to the person who best exemplifies all of the IC values. The Team Crush award is voted on by the entire agency team, making it the most democratic and one of the biggest honors you can win at the agency.
  • Pepper Award: The Pepper Award goes to the team member who has the most pep each quarter. Pepper Award winners are nominated by the team, and chosen by the directors. The pepper club is prestigious and includes the most respected members of the IC team.

These are just a few of the ways that teammates are recognized for their work on a daily basis. Our culture-building has been recognized several times over the years. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce awarded us with the IMPACT Award for company culture and the agency has also named multiple times as one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work”.

Posted on May 24, 2017 in Ideas Collide News

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