Supporting Women and Phoenix at Large: The Junior League of Phoenix Rummage Sale


FB4The Junior League of Phoenix’s annual Rummage Sale means a lot of things to a lot of people. For shoppers, it’s a chance to purchase school clothes, a new couch, or maybe a set of dishes. Some shoppers return year after year, knowing that whatever they’re on the market for, they’ll find it at Rummage for a good price. As a volunteer in the check-out section one year, I witnessed one father-to-be purchase
nearly everything his newborn son would need in his first year.

For League members like me, the Rummage Sale is a cornerstone of our entire organization. Across 80 years, the Rummage Sale has raised more than $7 million that has directly benefited Phoenix communities through various programs and initiatives. Every year, members of the League donate thousands of items and countless hours to pull off the massive event. It’s pretty incredible to see it come together, knowing that the women who organize the event volunteer their time outside of their regular jobs and responsibilities. Their commitment to the cause is what has established the Junior League’s legacy of impact in Phoenix.

2017-Rummage-Sale-Flier-EnglishAs the marketing partner for the Junior League of Phoenix, Ideas Collide provides strategic support for its fundraising events, including public relations, paid and earned media, collateral materials and more. Professionally, it’s a bonus to be able to support an organization that I’m a member of. But the agency really goes the extra mile when it comes to our culture of giving back. This year, I collected more than $200 of donated goods from my colleagues in support of the Rummage Sale. On top of that, several members of the Ideas Collide team attended the event this year to get in on the action for themselves. At Ideas Collide, we talk a lot about loving the team and showing customer love, but putting those values into action is what truly makes an impact.

Written by Margaret Craig, Senior Project Manager at Ideas Collide and member of the Junior League of Phoenix

Posted on March 16, 2017 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, News

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