Meet this year’s 2016 Athena Recipient – Rebecca Clyde

From a young age, Rebecca Clyde set herself apart from the rest. She pushed the boundaries and created a legacy that exceeds the expectations set before her. From living in Costa Rica to Chile, Argentina and Paraguay and then Arizona, Rebecca could easily be cast as the “most interesting woman in the world.” However, Rebecca is more than just a world traveler and a marketing guru, she is someone who thrives to enhance the world she lives in and a woman that is constantly inspiring the community she calls home. As a mother of three and a co-founder and CXO at Ideas Collide, Rebecca has collected enough personal and business experiences to last most people a lifetime; but for her, it is just the beginning.

Before she was a marketing maven and one of the most dynamic and compelling business women in Arizona, Rebecca’s adventurous youth left her with a better understanding of the world around her. From meeting Dictator Augusto Pinochet from Chile to training for 10 years to become a ballerina, Rebecca’s experiences have allowed her to become a leader that impacts the lives of people she interacts with every day.

With her dynamic background and inclusive leadership style, it is no wonder Rebecca was named this year’s Athena in the Private Sector by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

“Rebecca is beyond deserving of the ATHENA award. It is such an honor to work and learn from such an empowering woman,” Kyndra Countryman, a close mentee and Senior Manager at Ideas Collide, shared. “Rebecca’s acceptance speech resonated with everyone in the room. She said ‘let’s get to work’ and hearing that only made me want to work harder so that I can make the same difference I see her make in other people’s lives.”

Rebecca was honored with this esteemed recognition on October 26, 2016 at the Westin Kierland Resort. “I’ve met so many outstanding women through the ATHENA process,” Rebecca said after she was announced an ATHENA recipient. “It’s been an incredible journey. I embrace the concept of inclusive leadership in which we collectively achieve so much more with representation from diverse groups. Together, we can do more.”

Rebecca is an inspirational voice not only to the business community, but to the state of Arizona as well. Her hard work and dedication has been recognized within the community. Rebecca made the list of “35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger” published by The Arizona Republic; she was a recipient of Arizona Governor’s Mentorship Award; and she received the Big Sister of the Year recognition from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona.

“Get involved with the community and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and find ways to give back,” Rebecca said. “That’s really the essence of it…your hard work will speak for itself.”

Posted on November 10, 2016 in Ideas Collide News, News

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