Meet the IC Team: Gery Teague


Gery is an experienced developer and animator. He has helped corporate clients both large and small to succeed in their goals with sophisticated technical solutions for fifteen years. He has worked with Intel, Adidas, Nike, Best Western, Disney, Microsoft and more. He has programmed in excess of twenty different languages and has developed advanced libraries making it possible to deliver complex interactions and animations with dramatically small file sizes. He has guided his teams to beat the industry to upcoming trends before they become mainstream, helping to create more engaging content, more effectively tell the client’s story and drive sales. He enjoys constantly pushing himself and learning new languages. When he’s not at the computer he can usually be found at the gym, playing volleyball, shooting video or taking his nieces and nephews driving in European cars.


AGENCY SKILL SET Front end and back end development, App development
COORDINATES Portland, Oregon
FAVORITE QUOTE “Always give 100% to every job you do whether it is something you want to do or not. The moment you don’t give it your all is the moment you start down the slippery slope of hating your job.” – Philip Bloom
BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY Leave it all on the court (From back in my volleyball days it means to work so hard that when you leave the court you have no regrets)
PASSIONATE ABOUT Cars, Cameras, Camping, Architecture, Class based programming, Drawing, Lifting Weights, Beauty
MUST HAVE GADGET Microsoft Surface Pro
FIRST JOB Pushing carts at Fred Meyer
INSPIRATION All those who work hard and succeed honorably

Posted on November 8, 2016 in Ideas Collide News

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