Ideas Collide Highlighted for Branding Success

Danzeisen Dairy

Ideas Collide’s work with Danzeisen Dairy is being recognized as a top branding project by Agency Spotter, one of the largest online directories of digital marketing agencies in the world.

Some of the other branding projected highlighted by Agency Spotter: the repositioning of Vistaprint and an update of The TODAY Show logo. Ideas Collide is proud to have our successful work with Danzeisen Dairy be compared to these highly visible, big-budget efforts.

Here is what the website wrote about Ideas Collide’s branding campaign:

Danzeisen Dairy, a local Phoenix dairy farm, and Ideas Collide, a local Arizona marketing agency, teamed up together to develop branding, PR, design and digital marketing efforts to help establish Danzeisen Dairy as the premier brand for the freshest bottled milk. With millions of online impressions through the campaign, Ideas Collide was able to help the Phoenix dairy farm get into many local groceries.

The entire article can be found on Agency Spotter’s blog. If you want to learn more about Danzeisen Dairy’s story and how Ideas Collide help build the local Arizona brand from scratch, watch this video:


Posted on July 19, 2016 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas Collide News, News

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