WebVisions PDX Perfect Place for Ideas Collide


Ideas Collide is ready to take an up-close look at Portland’s creativity this week at WebVisions.

WebVisions is one of the premiere events in the Rose City focused on the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy. These are all passions of the Ideas Collide team, and we’re excited to see the unique flare that comes from being based in the Pacific Northwest.

Creativity, design, and innovation are part of the Portland culture, and that’s one of the big reasons why Ideas Collide can’t wait to see what everyone has to offer. If you want to find us at Webvisions, here are just a couple of the sessions we can’t wait to be part of.

Users are People Too – Meagan Fisher

Fisher argues that marketers have moved so far into conversion optimization and branding that we’ve forgotten the real audience. The answer – finding the humanity again and making websites, apps, etc. less like business transactions.

Fisher’s message is music to our ears. You can read endless articles and whitepapers about how specific colors, button shapes, layouts and messaging will improve conversions by a fraction of a percent. The result has been hundreds of brands that, minus a logo, could easily be interchangeable. We love the idea of consumer-focused design, because users who have a great experience are more likely to become loyal brand users for life.

Practical Creativity – Dan Saffer

Creativity isn’t just for designers, editors, and artists. Saffer says there is a second type of creativity he calls Practical Creativity, which is when someone is able to take disparate pieces and put them together into a new, unique, possibly better, whole.

At Ideas Collide, we couldn’t agree more. There is no doubt that without the creativity of our designers and video production team, we couldn’t do what we do. But, without the creative and intelligent solutions developed by our account and project managers, those artful and beautiful pieces of visual content would never be used correctly. We can’t wait to see how Saffer says we can boost Practical Creativity in our offices.

Equipping the Next Generation of Designers – Paul Trani

Think about how design challenges have changed over the past few years. Where we once worried about slow dial-up internet connections, now it’s all about mobile devices, resolutions and apps.

We’re excited to see what Trani has to say about the challenges designers are going to face in the next five years and the tools they’ll need, both in software and education, to overcome those challenges.

Ideas Collide will be at WebVisions starting early May 18th. We want to get to know everything Portland has to offer and would love to share a bit of our unique version of Phoenix creativity with you as well. Want to set up a meeting? Send us a line at Ideascollide.com/contact. See you there!

Posted on May 16, 2016 in Events & Happenings, Ideas Collide News

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