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After years of servicing clients in the Portland area, Ideas Collide officially set up offices in the Pearl District near downtown. The office is being led by Account Director Elisha Lutz. Elisha took sometime out of her busy schedule (running multiple accounts, setting up a new office, building a new team) to answer a few questions about the new office and the direction Ideas Collide is taking in Portland.

What brought you to Ideas Collide?

I’m originally from Los Angeles and moved to North Idaho as a child and spent a decade growing up there. I loved my time in the northwest but eventually moved to California for college and landed in San Diego. I stayed there for longer than anticipated (who could blame me?).  I always kept the northwest in the back of mind and was on the look out for a reason to return. I had worked with Rebecca for a common client at my previous agency and got to know her and the team pretty well.  When I learned about the new expansion in Portland, I jumped at the chance.

Why Portland?

For one, Portland is an amazingly creative and entrepreneurial city. It strikes a very interesting balance. People may not know it, but there are a lot of large, well-known brands based in Portland including Nike, Intel and Under Armor. On top of that, the Portland tech and creative communities are vibrant and growing. If there is a city that embodies the creative and business intelligence of Ideas Collide, Portland is it.

What’s the next steps for the office?

Right now, our focus is serving our existing clients in the Portland area. Having a permanent office here allows for a lot more one on one attention and a lot more face time. We’re also working to integrate ourselves into the digital marketing community here in Portland, including Design Week Portland which just wrapped up, Web Vision in May and Digital Summit in July.

Tell me about the office?

Our office is in an amazing space in the Pearl District. The Pearl is known for its awesome food, art galleries and local businesses, not to mention it is centrally located, so it’s easy to get anywhere in the city. There’s lots to see and do, and on my commute, I encounter just the right amount of weird that makes Portland so wonderful.

Posted on May 2, 2016 in Ideas Collide News, News

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