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Ideas Collide is proud to be featured by Agency Spotter as part of its “Top 10 Agency Projects You Need To See” article. IC/MC’s brand identity work with Danzeisen Dairy was chosen as an example of the best branding work being done. Here’s what Agency Spotter had to say about the project:

Danzeisen Dairy, a local Phoenix dairy farm, and Ideas Collide, a local Arizona marketing agency, teamed up together to develop branding, PR, design and digital marketing efforts to help establish Danzeisen Dairy as the premier brand for the freshest bottled milk. With millions of online impressions through the campaign, Ideas Collide was able to help the Phoenix dairy farm get into many local groceries.

To learn more about Ideas Collide and the campaign with Danzeisen Dairy, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.


To read the full article please click here. To see more of examples of the amazing work being done by Ideas Collide, check out our website.

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Ideas Collide News, Show & Tell Portfolio

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