The buyer is now in the driver’s seat and giving those buyers choices is now the norm in the modern marketing landscape.

That is the message that Rebecca Clyde, CXO and Co-Found of Ideas Collide, made clear at Arizona Technology Council Connect Signature Luncheon. Clyde took the luncheon on a detailed journey into a highly sophisticated eNurture campaign generated for a Forbes Top 20 brand’s Internet of Things channel customers.

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Buyers now have the ability to find info they need to evaluate your product without ever talking to your sales team.  In fact, according to Sirius decisions, 57% of technology buyers start evaluating solutions 6-12 months prior to making a purchasing decision. Marketing automation, and specifically eNurture campaigns, cultivate your leads before they are ready for a sales representative to speak to them.

Why nurture prospective buyers?

  • Cultivate leads not yet ready to buy
  • Anticipate needs of buyers based on WHO they are and WHERE they are in the buying process
  • Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by providing the most relevant content for the situation

All successful lead eNurture campaigns follow similar strategies, beginning with setting clear objectives, moving toward creating and delivering relevant content and finishing with measurement analytics and optimization. Here is a sample of how lead eNuture campaigns strategies are created at Ideas Collide.

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  1. Set objectives
  2. Define personas
  3. Document the purchase path & the customer journey
  4. Create content
    1. Map content to the journey
    2. Address persona pain points
    3. Provide value (give to get)
    4. Identify / use tools to prep publish & deliver
  5. Score prospects
  6. Measure and optimized

    A Successful eNurture Campaign Will

    The Path of Successful eNurture Campaigns

eNurture campaigns created by Ideas Collide, which we call Smart Nurture, consistently perform above the industry average engagement rates by focusing on the customer experience. With more than 70 unique email assets, over 140 landing pages and CRM integration, this Smart Nurture use case is sure to motivate and inspire attendees from all industries to go and deliver amazing customer experiences at each stage in the buying journey.

To learn more about marketing automation, lead nurturing and eNurture campaigns, download our client brand success case study at Ideascollide.com/enurture. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the process and explain why it’s been so successful.

About Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca Clyde is the co-founder of Ideas Collide, leading the agency’s technology industry practice and marketing automation specialization. Rebecca is a future thinking, globally-minded marketing leader who drives business growth through creative and innovative communication strategies. She espouses a leadership philosophy focused on self-managed teams, striving to create a work environment built around autonomy, mastery and purpose. Prior to founding Ideas Collide, Rebecca was responsible for managing Intel’s embedded brand. During her time at Intel, she launched more than 50 Intel products in every geography, managed campaigns across multiple media channels and developed a public relations program that garnered unprecedented media coverage for Intel’s embedded products and technologies.

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas Collide News

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