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boomers v millen

The battle between American generations is getting personal. The gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials is so big Brands are being forced to rethink their entire marketing strategies, with many brands turning their focus entirely on Millennials. The Huffington Post came to Ideas Collide for why Brands are forgoing Boomers for the younger crowd. Here is just a snip-it of the article about Boomers versus Millennials:

But of course, all perspective is about getting to a balanced vision, particularly on this subject. Thus, “while baby boomers and generation X have the majority of the spending power right now, millennials represent what is projected to become the most powerful generation of consumers ever,” explains Matthew Clyde, President and Founder of Ideas Collide, a top digital agency. “Brand and marketing agencies like ours are targeting millennials because they represent the future market and impact upcoming consumerism trends. Millennials also fit perfectly fit into today’s most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies utilizing digital content such as videos, original graphics, social media, emails, and blogs. Millennials are not only the biggest consumers of this content, but when done right, have been proven to become intensely loyal brand advocates who act as almost surrogate spokespeople. That’s an opportunity brands see in millennials they can’t find in baby boomers or even Generation X.”

You can read the full article on The Huffington Post.

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