The Future of Marketing Automation and Nurture Programs Is Here

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Ideas Collide is solidly in the center of what will be the 2016 marketing trend to watch; the explosion of successful, sophisticated, comprehensive and advanced marketing automation campaigns. We’re already strategizing and building strategic, automated marketing solutions for some of our clients, and we expect the demand to grow along with our results.

For example, recently one of our clients asked us to create one of the most in-depth nurture campaigns we’ve ever handled using Oracle’s Eloqua marketing automation software, including multiple paths, custom scoring models and more than 60 pieces of content.

Nurturing is a marketing approach to educate prospective buyers and carefully escort them through the buying path. Nurturing can help build a strong brand and solution preference in prospects before they’re actively engaged in a buying process.

This specific project required a level of sophistication that we expect to be more of a norm in 2016. Here are just some of the elements included in the nurture campaign:

♦ More than 60 pieces of engaging content structured with a main path and specific interest area paths that the user may enter based on their interest areas.

♦ Emails deployed through Eloqua that are delivered to prospective customers who are opted-in and have explicitly requested content.

♦ Landing pages for each email with BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) forms that present the content and ask a few basic questions to help us learn more about their specific interests.

♦ Thank you pages that offer up additional content that may interest the prospective buyer.

♦ A secondary thank you page in the event that the customer participated in the first thank you page content offer.

♦ A lead scoring model that runs in the background and helps us assess a potential buyer’s readiness to speak with a representative. When a potential buyer reaches a pre-determined score threshold, they are considered a “marketing qualified lead” (MQL) and are routed into the sales funnel.

♦ Nine potential content paths including a main path if no specific area of interest were chosen.

When the entire nurture program is put together, it works as an automated path for potential consumers to be escorted toward becoming marketing qualified leads, or MQLs. It’s one of the most comprehensive and advanced campaigns being implemented by our client, and by Ideas Collide. So far we have seen strong results from this campaign including combined total open rates of 21.2% and click-through rates of 4.97%.

To learn more about how a nurture campaign like this can help your business, contact us today. Ideas Collide is proud to be an Oracle Gold Partner with Eloqua Master Certified team members. We’re also versed in several other marketing automation platforms that have the ability to dramatically improve your end-results. We’ll be happy to show you how our process works, explain our results, and give you a quote.

Image Source: http://www.mbassett.com/eloqua/

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