Meet the IC/MC Team: Lynze Shuman



Name: Lynze Shuman
Title: Senior Account Manager
Agency Skill Set: Client/agency collaboration, account management, project execution and always keeping the ball rolling.
Coordinates: Proud Arizona Native – born and raised in Cave Creek, AZ
Education: BSBA in Marketing and Journalism from the University of Arizona and MBA from Arizona State University
Favorite Destination: Anywhere beachside or around a campfire
Guilty Pleasure: Mac n’ Cheese and the latest Law and Order marathon
Mom Always Told Me: Just breathe.
Quote: “Still”
Passionate About: Phoenix and the incredible community of young, creative, passionate people that are dedicated to making it the very best it can be.
Childhood Ambition: Hippie
Retreat: When in need of a creative boost – a trip to NYC is the perfect prescription.
Business Advice: Always trust your gut.  Life is too short to not love, trust and respect the work you are doing and the people you are doing it with.
Must Have Gadget: Roku.  In every room.
Super Hero Power: Queen of Clean
Proudest Moment: Working with an incredible team to launch the Crews n’ Healthmobile II in Phoenix, providing the under-served populations with essential healthcare.
First Job: Putting tags on all of your dirty dry cleaning
Last Big Purchase: Last minute plane tickets to a last minute adventure
Inspiration: My father: my biggest irritation, my biggest fan, and the most incredible man I know.
If I Won The Lottery: I would buy a house on the beach and a cabin in the woods that I could share with everyone I love!
In The Eighties: I was an adorable baby with a boss attitude – ask my big brother.



Posted on December 9, 2015 in Ideas Collide News

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