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Ideas Collide is proud to be featured once again by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

With the Chamber’s annual IMPACT Award nominations now officially open, the Chamber asked IC/MC‘s own Matthew Clyde to share his experiences from winning the IMPACT Award last year. The IMPACT Awards honor the accomplishments of outstanding Arizona businesses and their positive impact on the Greater Phoenix community. They also present an incredible opportunity to recognize local businesses and nonprofits making a difference.

Below is a small snippet of the article posted earlier this week:

Describe your reaction to being nominated for an IMPACT Award.

Humble, honored and excited. At the time we were a new, growing company and felt we had no chance of even being selected let alone being a finalist and then receiving an award — the entire process was inspiring to be among other dynamic, energetic and compelling businesses and business leaders in the Valley; it was an amazing process throughout.

What effect did knowing you were in the running for this prestigious recognition have on your team?

Overall, just being part of the process was an honor, but as you progress you want to clearly stand out and show what’s unique about your organization and why it is making an impact in Phoenix. We wanted to really do it for our team and all the time/effort they contribute to our business, so it was a way to really champion and make an impact on how they are contributing to our firm and also overall to their careers and the community. To be featured and showcased via the Chamber and receive that recognition is a significant accomplishment.

Do you have any words of wisdom for businesses nominated for the 2016 IMPACT Awards?

Make time to make the most of it. Clear calendars, involve your team and entire organization, celebrate each win (big or small) along the way — it is a recognition and opportunity to participate and celebrate every aspect of what you are proud of in your business and what you are doing right.

To read the rest of Matt’s insights, head over to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s website. The Chamber’s annual IMPACT Award nomination forms are officially open now until Friday, Jan. 8. To learn how Ideas Collide can help your business’ brand, contact us today.

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