Method+Madness: IC/MC Takes On Phoenix Design Week


IMG_2070“Creativity is like a muscle, you have to exercise it.”

As the IC/MC design team reflects on Phoenix Design Week 2015, that quote from Becky Simpson is what we’re taking to heart. To be creative, we need to practice being creative in both our personal and professional lives.

Phoenix Design Week is a week-long celebration of design that unites the local design community and provides a forum for sharing best practices, showcasing outstanding work, and gaining inspiration. Method + Madness is the main event during Phoenix Design Week. It’s a two day grassroots conference organized by community volunteers for fellow designers, illustrators, writers, and UX professionals

At Ideas Collide, creativity is at the base of every project we take on. We constantly challenge each other to go beyond the basic requirements of a project to create something that stands out from crowd. Call it innovation, imagination or big ideas, it’s what we do. Phoenix Design Week is an amazing opportunity for our design team to work out their creative muscles with their peers in the valley, helping bring new visions to the team and in turn our clients.

But creativity is not something that just happens. It’s not a switch you can turn on and off. Big ideas are not something that happen in a vacuum. That brings us to the second lessons brought back from Phoenix Design Week 2015; challenge yourself and don’t be afraid of failure.

IMG_2080At Ideas Collide we believe there is no such thing as a design “failure” because we learn from every iteration. Every attempt at something new is another quiver in our design playbook we can pull out when it’s needed, even if the client originally balks. As we learned at Phoenix Design Week, and as we believe here at Ideas Collide, failure is simply part of the creative process. As one of the speakers told the crowd, “sometimes you have to make bad stuff in order to get to the good stuff.”

With everything we saw, heard and learned at Phoenix Design Week, the rejuvenated IC/MC design staff is ready to undertake the new, big projects coming at them every day. Our creative muscles have been flexed, stretched and exercised, so bring on the emails to websites, videos and social media, and every other project that demands a group willing to bring the big ideas.

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